Vrudhachalam Temple: Vrudhagreeswarar. Cuddlore Dt.  

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Vrudhachalam Temple:  Vrudhagreeswarar.

When we visited the temple it was Bramotsavam festival time.

The place Vrudachalam is on Mdurai Chennai National Highway about 23 kms south of Ulundurpettai. It is about 45kms distance from Chidambram.

Vrudachalam temple is one of the four temples which were unaffected during the Pralayam, which is said to be end of the world.  It is a huge temple with four Gopuram
to four sides. There are four prakaram seen in the temple.

View of the temple from road side.

Inner Gopuram known as Kandaradatthan Gopuram

As we enter we see Nandi in a mandpam.

Main Deity in this temple is Swayambu Lingam known as Vruddha Gireswarar, Pazhamalai Nadhar, and Mudhu kundrar.

There are two Goddess, seen in this temple; one is Vrudhambikai and other one Blambikai in different sanctums.  Goddess Durga is seen in the sanctum here in standing posture.

Vrudhambikai means elderly Lady. Guru Namashivayar halted in the place for a night on his way to Chidambaram. He prayed Goddess to feed him for the night and sang a hymn in which he used the word Kizhathi- means old, in his verse. Goddess Periyaanayaki appeard as an Old Lady and said Kizhavi-Old lady cannot bring food, only young can do that. Guru Namashivayar sang another hymn with verse describing the youth of Goddess. She appeared as young lady and fed him with food. So we also see Goddess as Balambikai in this place.

Sthala Vruksham is Vanni Tree.

Greatness of Vanni leaves in the temple.
When the temple was renovated by Sage Vibasithu, Vanni leaves were paid as wages to labour, which later turned into Gold coins according to the quantum of work done by the labourer. Researchers have proved that Vanni tree is as old as 1700 years.

Teertham is Chakkra Teertham and Kubera Teertham.

Lord Vinayaka is seen in under ground sanctum with 18 steps leading down. He is known as Paadala Ganapathy.

View of Gopuram from a corner, inside the temple premises.

Lord Murugan sanctum is seen in-between the sanctum of Lord Siva and Goddess Vrudaambikai. Here in the sanctum he is seen in standing posture with Valli and Devannai.

We see about 28 Siva Lingams installed according to Sivagama rule. Lord Murugan worshipped these Siva Lingas. Lord Vinayakar is seen here near the Lingam and Murugan with his concert to the other end.

Sthala Purana says Lord Siva appeared in the form of a mount. Vruddha means old and Achalam represents hill, hence the name Vruddhachalam. Saints who sang hymns on this place represent the place as Pazhamalai. It is believed the ashes of dead when dissolved in River Manimuttharu, changes into stone and stay underneath. Hence the place is considered more than Kasi-Kshetram. It is believed Goddess Vrudambikai places the departed souls on her lap and with her saree pallu she fans them, while Lord Siva chants Namashivaya Mantra in the ears of the dead ensuring Salvation.  

Once, when Sundarar was passing through this place, he passed without singing the glory of Lord Siva. Sundarar was stopped by Lord Siva, who sang Hymns on Lord Siva. Sundarar was raising funds to feed poor. He praised Lord Siva and sang Hymns on Lord. He was gifted with12, 000 Gold Coins by Lord Siva which was placed in River Manimuttharu and directed Sundarar to collect it from Tiruvarur Temple Tank. Sundarar took the Gold coins from the tank in Thiruvaroor, which is a miracle. Sundarar wanted to test the quality of Gold taken out from the tank; Lord Vinayakar was witness for this. Here we see Mattru Uraitah Vinayakar in inner Prakaram of the temple. Mattru means touch, Uraitha means confirm.

KshetraKovai, Pazhamalai Nadhar Andhadhi, Periyanayaki Ammai Padhikam, Periyanayaki Ammai Vruthum, Bikshadana Navamani Malai, Pillai Tamizh, Guru Darshana Padhigam are few Hymns sang on Lord Siva And Goddess of this place.

Arunagiri Nadhar sang Thirupugazh on Lord Murugan here.

Kumara Devar, Sivaprakasar, and Vadalur Vallalar Ramalinga Adigalar  have praised Lord Siva and sang hymns.

Temple Charriot.

In this temple is we see everything connected to five numbers.

We find five Murthy- Lord Vinayaka, Murugan, Sakthi, Siva and Chandikeswarar.

Lord Siva is praised by five names, Vrudhagreeswarar, Pazhamalai Nadhar, Mudhu Kundreswarar, Vrudhachaleswarar and Vrudha giri.

We see five Vinayakar in the temple. Aazha Vinayakar, Matru Uraitha Vinaykar, Muppillayar, Dsabuja Ganapathy nd Vallabha Ganapathy.

Five Rishi’s who had darshan of Lord Siva are Romesar, Vibasiddhu, Kumaradevar, Nadha Sarma and Anavardhini.

There are five temple Gopurams. There are Gopuram to four sides of the temple and Kandaradithan tower as fifth. 

There are five Dwajasthambam seen with five Nandi, namely Indra Nandhi, Vedha Nandhi, Atma Nandhi, Maalvidai Nandhi and Dharma Nandhi.

 There are five inner Mandapams. Artha mandapam, Indrakshi, Thapana, Isai Mandapam and Maha Mandapam are the five.


The Outer five Mandapams are 20 Pillar Mandapam, 100 Pillar Mandapam, deeparadhana Mandapam, Vipachitu and Chitra Mandapam,

The five prakarams knownas Thiruchutru are Car-Rath, Kailaya, Vanniyadi, 63 Nayanmar chuttru and Panchavarna chutru.

Five time pooja is performed in the temple form early morning to night.Tiruvanandal, Kalasandhi, Uchikaala, Sayaraksha and Arthajama pooja.

There are five Rath in the temple for Lord Vinayakar, Murugan, Pazhamalai Nadhar, Goddess Perriya Nayaki Amman and Chandikeswarar.

The place is known by five Names. Tirumudhu Kundram, Vruddha Kasi, Vruddha Chalam, Nerkuppai and Mudhugiri are the names.

Thiru Gyana Sambandhar, ThiruNavukkarasar and Sandarar sang hymns on Lord Siva of this place.

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