Gyana Malai: Murugan Temple, Kaveripakkam, Vellore district.  

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Gyana Malai: Murugan Temple.

The place is known asGovinda Chery which is about 17 kms from Kaveripakkam, Vellore district.

We find an arch near the starting point to the temple.

Here we seeHanuman in standing posture.

There are about 150 steps to climb up to reach the Murugn temple.

As we climb up half the way we see Gyana Dakshina Moorthy under Kallala Maram.

The temple is small one with Kodi maram.

We see peacock in front of the kodi maram facing main sanctum.

We see a mandapam , Artha mandapam and inner sanctum.

Here in this temple Lord Murugan is in Brahma Sastha form with Valli Devayani to either side known as Gyana panditha Swamy. He is seen with four hands. We see Kamandalam and japa Malai in his two hands which are at the back. Right front hand is in the form of Abhaya Varadha Hastham and left hand is kept on his hip.

Purana says Sastha means one who punishes. Lord Murugan punished Lord Brahma who was not able to explain the meaning of Pranava Mantharam. He took the work of creation from Lord Brahma. Here we see Lord Murugan as Brahma Sastha. One who worships Lord Murugan in this form will be blessed with Gyana.

The temple timing is 8 am but the day we went the temple was closed till 8.45 am. So we could have darshan of the Lord Murugan through the gaps found in the door. The light was not sufficient enough to have good darshan. We thank God for giving darshan from the gaps in the door. We had to leave the place with a hope of visiting some other time.

There is a small sanctum forMurugan known as Kuramagal Thazhviya Kumaran.

This is the form in which Arunagirinadhar saw Lord Murugan and was blessed by him.
Arunagirinadhar is seen standing to the side.

At the back of the sanctum as we go around we see sanctum forLord Siva known as Gyana Gireeswarar with his consort known as Gyana Poongkodhai.

At he back of the Lord Siva SanctumWe see a hall which is known as Thiruvadi Poongkoil.

Here we see foot prints of Valli and Lord Murugan. Purana says Valli and Murugan when they left for Tiruthani from Valli malai rested here in this place. The three places Valli Malai, Gyana Malai and Tiruthani are in triangular point. It says visiting three places in same day is good.

There is mandapam in which we see Navagraham

View from top of Gyanamalai

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