Kaleeswaram, Karimnagar District, AP.  

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Sivarthri trip.

On 16 february the day of sivarathri we planned to visit 1000yrs old siva temple. We visited Kaleeswaram of Karimnagar district Ap. One of the trilinga desam, thousand pillar temple, and Badrakali temple of Hanumakonda.

We hired a sumo for our trip. We were eight of us and the cost worked out to Rs500 per head. We started from our place Sainikpuri, Secunderabad AP, at 5.30 am and returned back at 9pm.

  1. Kaleswaram

    Kaleeswaram Siva temple on the bank of River Godaveri. Triveni sangamam of rivers Godaveri, Saraswathi and Pranahitha.

    We reached the temple at 11am. The distance is about 305 kms. We reached and from there via Parkal we reached Kaleeswaram. We went to dip our legs in the river, and on our way to temple to right we saw Sangameswara and Dattatreya in different temples. We proceded towards main temple.

    Sivarathri being annual celebration in the temple there was crowd, we made through by taking a ticket for special darshan.

    Kaleeswara temple: We find two deites on same avudai (base). Only one of its kind. One to the left is Kaleeswara and the other to right is Swayambu linga known as Muktheeswara.

    Muktheeswara linga has two holes on it like nostrils. Any amount of water poured on linga enters through the hole and joins the River Godavari, something unique.

    The sthala purana of the temple is once Narada muni raised a doubt with Godaveri and Ganga as to who is great. They started arguing and finally Ganga said she is powerful because lord Siva is on banks of River Ganges at Varanasi to bestow moksha to people who worship there.

    Godaveri had no words to say. She wanted to prove herself competent to Ganga. She started penancing at the banks of Godaveri to be blessed by Siva. One day siva asked her what she wants. Godaveri asked Siva to reside on the banks and to bless people who worship there. Siva said yes and he said people attain moksha by touching, think or visit and worship. He formed as a Swayambu linga known as Muktheeswara.

    The other linga known as Kaleeswara was installed by Yamadarma. There was no work in yamalokha because of Muktheeswra. He wanted to do something about it and approached Narada muni who took him to Brahma who guided him to Siva. On hearing to his complaint Siva asked him to install a linga by name Kaleeswara next to Muktheeswara on the same base and worship. He said first pooja is to Kaleeeswara and then to Muktheeswara otherwise Yama has full rights to punish them.

    Goddess Parvathi is in different sanctum and there is a Srichakra yantra in front of her. There are other dieties like Vijaya ganapathi, Vishnu, Subramanya, Kasi visweswarar, Kala bairavar and Navagraha. To the front of the temple we see Yamakonam if one passes through that they will be relieved of all tortures in Yamapuri.

    We see a Saraswathi devi temple outside the main temple. She is known as Maha saraswathi.

  2. Thousand pillar temple:

    The temple is in,
    Hanumakonda 6kms from Kazipet junction. It was built by Kakatiya King Rudra deva. The temple is in star shape and there are three shrines to lord Siva, Vishnu, and Surya.

    Now we see only Siva linga there and other two is not to be found. The pillars of the temple is richly carved. There is a large black Nandi placed on an open platform.

  3. Badrakali temple:

    The temple is about a kilometer from thousand pillar temple. The temple is famous and well known. It’s a very old temple of 800 hundred years. The temple is extended without disturbing the old sanctum.

    Badrakali is of stone and huge one in sitting posture with eight hands. Here we see her sitting on Sadasivan. Santha swaroopini in this place.

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