Thirupanadhal, Senganoor and Keezhi Pazharai Temple. Aduthurai.  

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  1. Thirupandhal: Siva temple

    This is one of 275 siva Devara Sthalam.

    The place is about 10kms from Adhudurai.

    Main Deity: Swayambu linga known as Arunajadeswarar and his consort Perainayaki.

    Sthala Vruksham is Panai (palm).Teertham is Brahma, Iravadha,and Manniarru.

    Importance: Thadakai was worshipping God for a child.One day when she was performing pooja and she was about to garland the God at that time her saree was about fall down and she managed to hold it and try to put the garland. Siva wanted to help her in putting the garland to him so he bent down to front.

    From that day the Deity was not straight. King tried to straighten with his labor power but failed in the task.Kukuliakalai nayanar an ardent devotee of Siva and one of the nayanmars tied a chain to his neck, and to linga. He tried to straighten it by his devotion.

    Sambandhar Navakkuarasar hymns about Siva here. Arunagirinadhar ’s contribution to Thirupugazh.Temple is also known as Thadagaeeswaram and lord as Thadagaeesaramudaiar.

  2. Senganoor: Vishnu temple.

    The temple is about 13kms from Adhurai and 18 kms from Kumbakonam.

    Main Deity: Sreenivasa perumal in standing posture and a Siva temple also, which we missed.

  3. Keezhi pazharai:

    Siva temple one of 275 Devara sthalam.
    The place is about 2kms from patteeswaram.

    Main Deity: Swayambu linga known as Somanadhar and somakalambikai.
    Teertham: Soma teertham.Sthala Vruksham is Nelli (amla).

    Importance: Garuda wanted to release his mother from being a slave so he got pot full of nectar from Indra as he was on his way back he was attacked by asuras and three drops of nectar fell down in this place. Each drop formed as Linga, Goddess and teertham.

    Garuda had a dip in the teertham and worshiped Siva here and was blessed. He made a pond known as Jatayu teertham. Chandra was blessed in this place from the curse he had and it was changed to that he to grow from the half moon day and gradually decreasing from full moon day onwards. It was second capital city of Cholas.

    Navukkarasar sang hymns on Siva of this place.

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