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  1. Thiruvidai marudhur:

    Siva temple one of 275 important ones. This Place is about 9kms from Kumbakonam.

    Main Deity: Swayambu linga known as Maha Linga perumal and Perunalam mulaiamman and Moogambiky in different sanctum. Teerthamm: karunya teertham.

    Importance: Brhamahathi dosham of king Varaghuna pandiya was removed in this place. The temple has 2 entrances, one should make it a point to enter from the main entrance which leads to Siva temple and then worship Goddess and return by the different way .

    We see a small brhamahathi to the left corner of main entrance celing, who is still waiting for the return of king.

    Arunagirinadhar has composed Thirupugazh.

  2. Thiruvisanalloore: Siva temple.

    The place is about 24kms from Kumbakonam.

    Main Deity: Sivayoga nadhar and Soundranayaki.Sthala Vruksham: Vilvam.

    Importance: Sivayogi muni and his 6 brothers did penance here and were merged with Lord Siva. They say 7 hair strings at the back of linga are still there. In this temple everything is different than usual. Here nandi comes first then bali peta and dwajastamba. There are 4 Biravas in same place.

    Sambandhar sang about Siva.

  3. Thiruvisaloore:

    one of 275 Siva Devara Sthalam. the place is about 24kms from Kumbakonam.

    Main Deity: Swayambu lingam known as Karkadeswarar and Arumarundha nayaki ammai Teertham is Pankaya teertham and Cauveri. Crab worshiped Siva here and hence the name Karkata.

    Importance: King was suffering from severe stomach ache from long time and maruthavas were not able to cure him. King worshiped God. Siva appeared in the form of maruthavar (doctor)and he was asked to dig at a place. King did accordingly and he found a Siva linga with blood and a cut on the top,next moment he was, relieved of pain and maruthavar disappeared.

    King built a temple for the linga which was found. U can see the cut on the top portion of linga into two. Kataka rasi sthalam. Chandra in this place is in yoga posture. Chandra dosha nivarana sthalam.

    Sambandhar and Navakkuarasar sung about Siva.

  4. Thirukkarugavoor:

    One of 275 important siva Devara Sthalam. The place is about 22kms from Kumbakonam.

    Main Deity: Swayambu linga known as Mullaivana nadhar and karukatha nayaki or Gasrba Rakshambikai. Sthala Vruksham is Mullai.

    Importance: Prutshivi moorthy. Huge linga and one can see the mark of the creeper around it. Orphan pregnant girl here was taken care of her pregancy period so the Goddess known as Karukatha nayaki and the place as karukavoor.

    Wife of Nindhuva had a curse of abortion by Urthuva rishi and her pregnance was taken care by the Goddess. Pregnant ladies pray for safe and easy delivery of child. Abortation or death due to pregnancy does not take place here.

    Appar and Sundarar sang hymns on Lord siva of this place.

  5. Papanasam:

    This is one of 275 important Siva Devara Sthalam. the place is about 16 kms from Kumbakonam.

    Main Deity: Ramalinga swamy and Parvathavardhini amman. Sthala Vruksham is Villvam. Teertham is Surya teertham.

    Importance: Siva here was installed by Rama to get rid of his sin killing kara dushana in war. There are 108 lingas installed by rama and got rid of his sins hence the place called papavinasam. U can see Surya moorthy and Hanumantha lingam.

  6. Thirupanthurai:

    One of 275 Siva Devara Sthalam.

    The place is about 11kms from Kumbakonam.

    Main Deity is Swayambu linga known as Palaivanadhar and Davalavennagaial.
    Sthala Vruksham is Panai maram. Teertham are Indra, Vashista, Yama, and Cauveri.

    Name: Panai maram as sthala vruksham on the bank of kuda muruti river so the place is known as palaithurai.

    Navukkuarasar sung hymns on Siva.

  7. Nalloore: Siva temple.
    The place is about 5kms from papanasam.

    Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Kalyanasundareswarar and Kalyana sundari amman. Sthala Vruksham: Vilvam. Teertham is Saptha sagaram.

    Importance: The miracle here is colour of the deity changes 5 times in a day. The story is Brungi muni was ardent devotee of Lord Siva and he was not ready to worship the Goddess.

    At the back of linga we see sculpture of Lord Siva and Paarvathi together in bridal form. Parvathi thought that muni has no way to avoid worshipping both of them but the muni took the form of vandu (bee family)and started worshipping,Siva by flying around Him leaving Parvathi.

    Hence there are small holes on the Siva linga. Devas, muni, kuntidevi, and Dharumasanen worshiped Siva. Kalika devi with 8 hands also resides in this place taking care.

    Sambandhar and Navakkuarasar sang hymns on Siva. Arunagirinadhar sang Thirupugazh.

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