Kamakshi and Ekambaranadhar Temple. Kancheepuram.  

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Temples of Kanchi Town:

The place is 75kms from chennai, bus and train services available.

  1. Kanchi Kamakshi temple:

    This is known as Adi sakthi peetam and one of pancha boodha kshetram.Sthala vruksham is Sanbagam.

    Importance: The temple is known as Kamakottam. Brahma Vishnu and Rudra were creations of her eyes, hence the name Kamakshi. Here kamakshi is in sitting posture with four hands and penancing. Adi Sankara has kept Srichakra in front of kamakshi to cool her.

    Inside the main sanctum we see Klla perumal, Soundra lakshmi and Arupa lakshmi. The kumkum prasadam should be first put in front of Arupa lakshmi and then we should take it from there. After worshipping Kamakshi when we come out in front we see Annapoorani.

    Kalla perumal inside the kamakshi sanctum is one of 108 important vishnu sthalam. When we go around the temple in front of the pond we see vishnu in different temple in three posture sitting, standing and sleeping.

  2. Ekambaranadhar Temple:

    one of 275 Siva Devara sthalam.

    Here Siva is in the form of linga known as Ekambaranadhar and his consort Elavarkuzhali ammai. Teertham is Siva ganga teertham and Kamba river.

    Sthala vruksham is 3600yrs old mango tree with 4 branches, related to vedas. Unfortunately the tree is no more in now.

    Importance: this is one of the Pancha boodha kshetram. The linga is made of sand. The main Raja gopuram was constructed by krishna devarayar

    There other deities like vikata chakra vinayakar, Arumugar, 1008 and108 lingas, Vellai kambar, kallakambar, nallakambar, 63 nayanmars, Markendeyar, Bikshadanar, Nataraja, Nilathunda perumal, pralayankattha ammai and Navagraha.

    As per Purana, once parvathi closed the eyes of Siva for fun and the whole universe went dark and Siva was angry with her for doing so. She was punished for her act. She chose the place near Kamba river and made a lingam of mud, placed it under Ekamba tree and started her worship. One day due to flood the whole town was of water and she embraced Siva linga to protect him from dissolving in flood water and started doing her worship. Siva was pleased with her devotion and he agrees to marry her.

    We can see both Siva and parvathi together at the back of linga in main sanctum.
    Vellakambar worshipped by Brahma, kallakambar by Vishnu and Nallakambar by Rudra.

    Sambandhar, Navakkuarasar and Sundrar sang hymns on siva here. Arunagirindhar sang Thirupugazh on Subramanya.

    On Ratha sapthimi day sunrays falls on Siva here. Ganapathy near gopura vasal is on peacock which is different here.

  3. Nilathunda perumal:

    One of 108 important Vishnu sthalam.
    Main deity is Neelathunda perumal standing posture with sapthagnaga.
    The deity is to north east side of Ekambereswarar within the temple premises

    Importance: At the time of churnning of occan to get nectar, the God of occan Vishnu’s body became warm and to cool himself he does penance here and the moon rays from Siva’s head falls on vishnu.

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