Katchabeswarar and Onan Kandhan thali Temple. Kanchi.  

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  1. Katchabeswarar: Siva temple.

    The temple is in Raja veedhi 1kms from Ekambaranadhar temple.

    Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Katchabeswarar and Soundrambikai ammai.
    Teertham is Eshta siddhi teertham.

    Importance: During koormavatara time Vishnu worshipped Siva here and hence the name Katchabeswarar. Brahma and Saraswathi worshipped here, to get the blessings of Siva for his work of creation. Asura guru Sukracharya worshipped here to get mruthsangeevini and Vajrayakkai.

    There are other deities like Chaturmukeswarar, Saraswathi, Vinayakar, Sastha and Bairavar. Around the pond we have temples of Dharma siddeswarar, Kama siddheswarar, Artha siddheeswarar and Moksha siddeswarar.

  2. Thiru Onan Kandhan thali:

    One of 275 important temples of Siva. the temple is near Panjupettai electricity sub station about a kms from Ekambaranadhar temple.

    Main deity: Onakandeeswarar and Kamakshi amman. Teertham is Onakandhan teertham.

    Importance: There are two deities Oneswarar and Kandeswarar in different sanctum. Asurars Onan and Kandan comander in chief of Vanasuran worshipped here. Sundarar sang hymns on Siva here.

    There is a story that when Sundarar sang hymns Siva hidded himself in tamarind tree nearby and when he sang another song Siva was pleased and dropped tamarinds from the tree which turned into golden coins.

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