Ulagalandha Perumal, Pavalavanna Perumal and Pachi vann Perumal Temple. Kancheepuram  

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  1. Ulagandha perumal:

    one of 108 Divya desam. the temple is near Kamakshi amman temple.

    Main deity: Ulagalandha perumal of 35’ height and 24’width. His left leg lifted up to sky and 2 fingers of left hand and one finger of right lifted up. We see Aranaravalli thayar in different sanctum. Teertham is Naga teertham.

    Importance: During Vamana avathara Vishnu asked for 3 steps of land from Mahaballi, who agreed to give Vishnu. Mahabali was under the feet of vamana and was unable to lift and see the complete form of Vamana.

    He penanced here, and Vamana was pleased and reappeared infront of him and even then he was not able to see the complete form, to his request he is in the form of Adiseshan in the same temple.

    There are other three deities also in the same temple which were once up on a time in different places nearby which is unknown.

    Thiru Neeragam:

    one of 108 Divya desam. Sri jagadeesa perumal and Neelamangala valli thayar are main deity. The teertham here is known as Akrura teertham.

    Thiru Karagam

    one of 108 Divya desam.

    Main deity: is Thiru Karunakara perumal and his consort Padamamani nachiyar.
    Thiru Karvanam: one of108 Divya desam.

    Main deity:Kalvar with Bhoodevi and Sridevi. Kamalavalli nachiyar in different sanctum.

  2. Thiru pavalavanna perumal:

    One of 108 Divya desam.

    The temple is about 1kms distance from kamakshi temple.

    Main deity:Pavala vanna perumal in standing posture and pravaravalli thayar.
    Teertham: Chakkra teertham.

    Importance: The main deity is of red shade which is unique. When Saraswathi sent asuras to spoil the yagam done by Brahma, Vishnu came to rescue of Brahma and fought with asuras and he was with blood stains so the colour for pavala vannar.

  3. Pachai vannar:

    Vishnu temple.The temple is to the other end of Pavalavannar perumal street.

    Importance: Brugu maharishi performed yaga here to have laksmi devi as his daughter and he married her to Vishnu here.

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