Kumarakkottam, Jurahareswarar, Kailasanadhar, Kachi Anekathangradham, Thiru Metrali and Kayaroganar Temple. Kanchi.  

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  1. Kumarak kottam:

    Subramanyaswamy Temple.

    Importance: Subramanya asked the meaning of pranava to Brahma the creator, he was not able to explain properly, so Subramanya captured him in a room and did allow him to do his work of creation. When the issue was taken to the notice of Siva he asked Subramanya to release brahma but he did not do so. Subramanya made a siva linga known as Devasenapadeesar and worshipped him and he was blessed by siva.

    Arunagirinadhar sang thirupugazh on Subramanya here.

  2. Jurahareswarar Temple: Siva temple.

    The temple is to the south of sannidhi street of Ekambaranadhar temple.

    Main deity: siva in lingam form known as Jurahareswarar.

    Importance: Asura samhara of Sukran by Siva was in this place. Devas worshipped in this place to cure themselves from disease due to heat.

  3. Kailasanadhar temple: Siva temple.

    The temple is to west of putheri street, 2kms from Ekamberaswarar temple.

    Main deity: Siva in the form of linga with 16 stripes.

    Importance: This is first temple made of stones and built by Raja sinha pallava. After the completion of the temple they fixed a date for Kumbabishekam. Siva in Kings dream asked him to postphone the kumbabishekam date because he had to honour the invitation of poosalar temple’s kumbabishekam at Thirunindravoor

    This is inscribed and Sekezhiar has also mentioned this in his work. Narada and Vishnu worshipped here to get rid of their sins. We have a small passage here to go round the deity in which we have to crawl and get into enter in.

    Archelogical department has taken the temple now.

  4. Kachi Anekathangaradham temple:

    One of 275 important temples of Siva.
    West of putheri street and on the way to Kailasanadhar temple.

    Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Anekathagavadeswarar and his consort kamakshi amman.

    Importance: Vinayaka worshipped in this place and hence the name Anekabesuram. Kubera worshipped here. Sundarar sang hymns on Siva here.

  5. Thiru Metrali:

    One of 275important Siva temple. the temple is 2kms from Ekambaranadhar temple in Pillyar palayam sanndhi street.

    Main deity: Thiru Metrali nadhar and his consort Kamakshi amman
    Teertham is Vishnu teertham.

    Importance: There are two linga here, known as Metralinadhar facing towards east and the other one Vishnu linga facing towards west. Vishnu worshipped Siva here to attain Sivasaroobyam.

    Sambandar sang hyms on Siva here standing at the end of the road and hearing this vishnu was deeply touched and melted into linga form. Sambandhar also attained Sivasaroobyam here. Budha one of the navagraha worshipped Siva here.

  6. Kachi Kayaroganar:

    This a siva temple near pillarpalayam pond.

    Main deity: Kayaroganeswarar and Kamakshi amman.

    Importance: When Vishnu and Brahma were nearing their end Siva who is beyond time limit took both of them to his shoulder and started dancing and hence the name Kayaroganar. Lakshmi worshipped Siva here.

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