Kapotheswara swamy, Kadali,East godavari District.  

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  1. Kadali: Kapotheeswara swamy.

    The temple dates to 15-16th century. It is 95 kms from Kakinada and 71Kms from Rajamandry of east Godavari district.

    Main deity: Swayambu Siva lingam known as Kapotheeswara Swamy.

    Importance: something unique about the temple is we see the impressions of head, wings and tail of "Dove" on Siva lingam, to both side’s front and back, which is only one of its kinds. Subramanyar is in the form of Nagar here.

    There is a pond in front of the temple which is known as Kapotha kundam where Ganges flows as Antharvahani. The place is considered as “Dakshina Kasi”, because even here there is a burial ground near the temple, like Kasi kshetram.

    The other deities which we see while going around the temple are Ganesha, veera Badrar & Badra kali to one sanctum, Valli Devasena sameda Subramanaya Swamy, Kumara swamy, Sita Ramar Durgai, Navagraham, Kala bairavar and Soorya Narayanar in linga form in different sanctums. Janardhana Swamy if Kshetra palakar and he is in a small separate sanctum.

    Importance: Sri jagadguru Adi sankaracharya visited the temple and he has installed "Sri chakra sahitha Sri Bala thripura sundari devi".

    Purana says once a hunter was out for hunting and that day it was raining and the weather was chill and he was unable to proceed. He was hungry and he rested under a tree. On the branches of the tree there were two doves sitting.

    They saw the hunter who took shelter under the tree. They thought he is their guest and wanted to do the needful. They picked bark pieces and made fire out of it and they dropped their nest and fell into it. They did so, to be meal for the hunter who is their guest.

    Hunter was moved by their act and he lit fire and fell into it. Lord Siva was happy with the birds thinking , and he revealed himself, to the doves and gave them siva kaivalyam.

    The dove requested for the life of hunter and Lord Siva to stay in the place and bless mankind. Siva did as per dove’s request. Here we see the imprint of doves head stomach and tail on Siva lingam to both sides. This is some thing unique.

    There is a seperate temple for Sri Devi, BhooDevi, sahitha "Sathyanarayana Swamy". In front of him we see Suvarchala sahitha Anjaneya swamy in small sanctum.

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