Pithapuram temples of East Godavari District, AP  

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  1. Anaga Datta temple of Sri Ganapathy Sachidananda Swamy Ashram:

    This place is about 3 Kms from Pithapuram. The Datta temple is very beautiful. As we enter we see Dwajasthambam of stone and to four sides we see beautiful sculptures carved on it. Inside the main hall we see Lord Dattatreya installed.

  2. Valli Devasena samedha Veera Venkata subramanya swamy: The temple is in Pithapuram town on our way to Kunti madhava temple from Datta Ashram.

    Main Deity is Thrimukha Lingeswarar. Other deities seen in the temple are Vinayakar, Sooryan, Purihita devi, and Kala Bairavar.

  3. Kunti Madhavar temple:

    This is an ancient temple in Pithapuram Town, of East godavariDistrict. The temple is one of Pancha Madhava Kshetram .

    Main deity is Sitaramar Known as Madhavar.

    Purana says he was worshipped by Kunti Devi and hence the name Kunti madhavar. Devendra to get rid of the dosha, by killing Vridhasura, he created Pancha Madhava Kshetram and this is one among the five.

    There is lot of inscriptions to relate the temple to 12th Century. As we go around the temple we see, Azwar sannidhi, Andal, Rajalakshmi thayar, and Ramanujar sanctums.

  4. Kukuteswara Swamy:

    The temple is in Pithapuram town, East Godavari District. The temple is near Kunti Madhar Temple. The temple is famous for three things, “

    Dattatreyar sanctum, Kukuteswarar sannidhi and Pruhitha Devi, one of the Sakthi Peetam.

    A) Sri padha vallabar is considered as the avatharam of Dattatreyar. One day his parents and people around in the temple saw Sri padha vallabar as Guru Dattatreya. They installed Dattatreya sanctum under the same tree where they visualized.

    B) Kukkuteswara swamy: Swayambu lingam known as Kukkuteswarar, and Puruhitha Devi in separate sanctum. Adi sankarar has installed Rajalakshmi thayar next to Kukkuteswarar sanctum.

    C) According to sthala puranam the back of Sathi devi fell here, and it is considered as one of the Sakthi Peetam. There is Sri chakra installed in front of Pruhita Devi near her leg, and kumkuma archana is done here.

    Purana says Gayasura allowed Rishis to perform yagnam on his body as a platform. Once the yagnam gets completed he will be the powerful person. His head was in gaya, his padam was in pithapuram, hence the place is known as “Pada Gaya”.

    As we enter the temple we see a big pushkarani known as Gaya teertham. We see padam to a cornor and as we go around we see lot of people performing rituals for ancestors. There is entrance which leads us into the temple.

    Here Siva is known as Kukkuteswara. Before the yagnam was completed Siva took the form of cock and crowed. Gayasura got up and the yagnam became incomplete. Lord Siva revelead himself and blessed him. Gayasuran realised his foolishiness and he prayed Siva to stay back and bless mankind.

    The other deities which we see in separate sanctums here are Sri Seetha Ramar, Adi Sankarar, Kasi Viswanadhar, Annapurani, Navagraha, Subramanya Swmy, and Bairavar.

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