Simhachalam, Annavaram temple, East Godavari District,, AP.  

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  1. Simhachalam:

    Varaha Lakshmi Narashima swamy Temple.

    This place is 16kms from Visaka patnam. The temple is in on a small hill.
    This is one of the important sthalam like Ahobilam and sholingar. The place is surrounded by mountains with lots of medicinal herbs which is good for us.

    Main deity is Varaha Lakshmi Narashima Swamy.

    The deity is about two and half feet height and Thirumugam of perumal is Varaha and body is human. The deity is covered with sandal paste always.

    The sandal paste is removed on Vaisaka suddha divithiya day of every year, and one can have the darshan of Narashima swamy, without sandal paste. Next day again they cover the deity with sandal paste. With the paste on him Varaha Lakshmi Narashima Swamy looks like a Shiva lingam.

    The purana says the temple was constructed by Devas. There is 16 pillar and 96 pillars mandapam with beautiful sculptures on it. As we come out of the main sanctum we see a pillar which is known as “kappa Sthambam”.

    Sthala purana says they have installed “Santhana gopala Yantram” under the pillar. Any wishes will be fulfilled by embracing the pillar and think of the wish. They charge 25Rs for this. As we go around the prakaram we see Lakshmi Devi in separate sanctum.

    The story is they say prahaladha was tortured by King Hiranyakasibu. Prahaladha refused to chant his fathers name, instead he chanted Narayana’s name. Once he was thrown down from the hill top. Lord Narayana came to resque his devotee prahaladha and this was the hill top where he was rolled down, and the temple is built in the same place.

    Ramanujar visited the temple in 11th century.

    Rooms are available.

  2. Annavaram:

    The place is in East Godavari District, 72 kms from Rajamandry, and 32kms from Pithapuram.

    Main deity is Veera Venkata Sathya Narayana Swamy.
    The temple is situated on Rathana giri hills on the banks of River Pampa.

    The shrine is of two storeys. We see Sathya Narayana Swamy, in the upper level and in the down level we have the padha darshanam of main deity.

    Devasthanam choultry is available. There are few hotels available for accomdation.

  3. Chebrolu:

    This place is bout 20kms from Annavaram. This is Sita Rama Devalayam.

    Main Deity is Sita Rama sculpture made of one single stone, and Seetha is seen on Sri Rama’s lap.

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