Koti Lingeswara swamy temple, and Jagan mohini Kesava temple, East Godavari.  

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  1. Kotipalli: Koti ligeswara swamy temple.

    The temple is 45kms from Kakinada, and about 10kms from Draksharamam, of east Godavari district.

    Main Deity: Small Siva lingam known as Koteeswarar and his consort Goddess Sri Raja Rajeswari.
    There is a big Nandi in front of the Dwajasthambam.

    Purana says Devendra installed Siva lingam here to get rid of his curse by Gautama Muni. He did abishekam to Siva Lingam by water acquired from one crore teerthams.

  2. Jagan Mohini Kesava Temple

    The temple is in Raily, which is 35kms from Rajamandry, East Godavari.

    Main Deity is Swayambu Jagan Mohini Kesavaswamy.

    The idol is of Saligrahama stone with Dasavathram, Thumburu, Naradha, Ramba and Urvasi sculptures all around it. SriDevi and Bhoodevi sculptures are seen in the main sculpture stone, near the padam to either side. Water is there near the padam and they say, it is Ganges water flowing as antarvahini.

    Another unique thing about the deity here is, Kesava swamy in front and at the back of the same sculpture we see Mohini roopam. They allow inside the main sanctum, to have darshan of both deities in that single stone. We also see Rama Sathyanarayana Swamy which is of marble stone.

    Purana says when the ocean was churned for nector, Vishnu took the avatharam of Mohini to distribute the nector to Devas and Asuras. It’s the same roopam which we see in the temple.

  3. Uma Kamandaleswara swamy:

    The temple is just opposite to Jagan mohini Kesava swamy temple to the other end of the road.

    Main deity is Swayambu Siva lingam known as Kamandaleswarar, of Ardhanari Swaroopam. The other deities in the temple are Vinayakar, bairavar, Durga Devi, Subramanyar, and Navagraham.

    Purana says Lord Siva was fallen in love with Mohini roopam of Kesava swamy and started following her. Kesava swamy wanted lord Siva, to come out of the maya, so he turned back to see Lord Siva. That is the reason we see Siva temple to front of Kesava swamy and Mohini to the back of Kesava swamy

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