Devapureeswarar Temple, Deyvoore, Thiruvaroore.  

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Devapureeswarar Temple: Deyvoore, Thiruvaroore.

The place Deyvoore is about 5 kms from Keez Velore, which is about 13 kms from Thiruvarore and about 12 kms from Nagapattinam.

The Devoore temple has a Raja gopuram of three tiers and Five prakaram. The temple is One of 275 Siva Devara Sthalam. This is a Madakkoil built by CoChengat Cholan. This is one of Ashta Vinayakar Sthalam

Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Arulmigu Devapureeswarar / Deva Guru Nadhar and his consort known as Madhura Bashini / Theyn mozhiaal in a separate sanctum. Vinayakar is Valampuri Vinayakar and he is known a Brahma Varadhar.

Teertham is Deva Teertham which is in front of the temple. Varuna, gowthama, Mrutha, & Sanjeevini are other pushkarani for the temple.

Sthala vruksham is Kalvaazhy ( Plantain).
The sthala Vruksham is growing on stone which is something peculiar. There is no mud portion near the root. They do not water the plant.

As we go around the prakaram we see Vinyakar, Murugan, Gowthama Lingam, Aglaya Lingam, Indra Lingam, 63 Nayanmar, Maha Lakshmi, Durgai, Nava graham, Bairvar, Chandran, and Sooryan. On the first floor we see Somaskandar as Ammaiappar.
We see the sanctum of Athama Nadhar worshiped by Manikkavachakar.

Subrmanyar sanctum is in-between Lord Siva and Goddess sanctum, and is considered as Somaskandha Moorthy sthalam.

Importance: When Devas worshiped Lord Siva even the Wel Vazhy also worshiped and it was considered as Sthala Vruksham of the temple. Devas were given Mantra Upadesam. The place is known as Devanoore which has changed to Deyvoore.

Guru Bagawan worshiped Lord Siva here, so he is known a Deva Guru Nadhar.
So there is no Muyalagan seen under the legs of Deva Guru.

Indra Worshiped Lord Siva to get rid of his sin, for killing Vrudhasuran.

Here Duragi is seen with Sanku in a hand and MannMuzhu in another hand to prove Saiva and Vaishnava as equals.

Kubera worshiped Lord Siva here and gained his Sanga Nidhi and Paduma Nidhi Kalasam, which was grabbed by Ravana. He got back his position which he lost to Ravana after worshiping Devapureeswarar.

Sthala purana says by worshiping Lord Siva here one will get back their position and wealth which they have lost.

When there was a draught period of 12 years Gowtha Muni he installed a Siva Lingam in this temple and worshiped. He acquired wealth for his worship from Lord Siva which he utilized for draught relief.

Stone inscriptions of Jata Varma Sundara Pandiyan period is seen in the temple.

Thiru Gyana Sambandhar and Thiru Navukkarasar sang Hymns on Deva pureeswarar of this temple.

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