Thiru Bawa Oshadeeswarar Temple: Thiruthuraipoondy.  

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Thiru Bawa Oshadeeswarar Temple: Thiruthuraipoondy.

The place Thiruthurai poondy is about 30 kms from Thiruvarore.

The temple has a main Raja gopuram of five tiers and two prakaram. The temple is a very old temple. In Krutha yugam the place was full of Vilwa tree and the place was known as Vilwaranya kshetram.

Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known a Bawa Owshadeeswarr and his consort known as Brahan Nayaki.

Teertham is Mangala Teertham and sthala Vruksham known as Vilwam.
Other Deities seen in the temple as we go around the inner prakaram are teertha Vidanga Thyagarajar, Subramanyar, Gajalakshmi, Gaja Samhara Moorthy, Bairavar, Nalwar, Teertha Vidanga Vinayakar and Natarajar Sanctums.

Sthala Purana says Brahma worshiped lord Siva in this place and it is known as Brahma puri. Sages and Rishis installed Siva Lingam and dug Nine Pushkrani in this place and worshiped Lord Siva. The place is known a Nava Teertha Puram. Sthala Vruksham is Vilavam so it is called a " Thirutharu Poondy."

During Tretha yugam a Rakshashi by name Jalligai who is devotee of Lord Siva lived. When her husband died she prayed to Lord Siva and she sprinkled Amirtha teertham water of this temple. Her husband got his life and the place was known as Jalli Karanyam. Amirtha teertham / Mangala Teertham is seen in front of Ambal Sannidhi.

During Dwapara yugam Navagrah’s worshiped Lord Siva here to get rid of their unknown sins. So the place was known as Navagraha Puram. Musukundha Chakravarthy worshiped Lord Siva of this temple and he was blessed.

Importance is Lord Siva performed Chandra Choodamani ThiruThandavm here. There is a big deity of Natarajar which is made of five metals.

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