Ponvaittha Nadhar Temple of Chitraymam, Thiruvarore.  

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Chittraimoore temple: Thiruvarore District.

The place Thiru Chitraymam is about 14 kms north east of Thiruthurai poondy. This is one of 275 Siva Devara sthalam.The temple has a Raja Gopuram of three tiers. The temple has four prakarm.

Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Arulmigu Ponnvaittha Nadheswarar and his consort known as Akilanda Nayaki Amman. Vinyakar here is worshiped as Atthi mara vinayakar.

Teertham is known as Swarna Teertham. Sthala Vruksham is Atthi maram (Fig tree). The vruksham is very old.

Importance of the temple is Agasthyar, Devendran, Nagarajan, and Brahama worshiped Lord Siva of this temple. Once upon a time Brahma Rishi used to worship Lord Siva during late night pooja time. This was a regular feature for him. One day he was late and the temple doors were closed when he came to perform pooja. He changed himself s a honey bee and worshiped Lord Siva that day. Other Rishi's who were with him also did the same thing. Honeycomb is seen in the mandapam and pooja is performed for this everyday.

History: Everyday milk used to be supplied to Mutharasa puram, kings palace. They have to cross this village Chitraymam, to reach Mutharasapuram. The milk pot used to fall down and the milk spilled out in the same place regularly. When the king came to know about it he asked workers to dig at that place and they found a Siva Lingam with a cut due to digging. He installed the Siva Lingam in the village Chitraymam.

Purana says there lived Sankaran, by name who is a devotee of Lord Siva with his wife. They were newly married couple. Sankaran had to leave the village on business trip. She used to visit the temple and used to clean and make garland for deity. Lord Siva was pleased with her service and devotion. Lord used to keep a coin for her. She used to take the coin and survive with that money. Sankaran wife conceived. When Villagers came to know about it they suspected her and she was isolated in the village. She stayed in the temple and continued her worship. She prayed to Lord Siva to help her, Goddess helped her for safe delivery of the child.

One day Sankaran returned to village, all the members of the village told him about the happenings, he felt bad. He met his wife and asked her as to what happened in his absence. She said Lord Siva is witness for her innocence.

Sankaran said if that is true, the temple door should open on its own, the midnight pooja should happen accordingly without the help of anyone, Sthala vruksham should change its place from back of the temple to front side and Bali peetam should move in front of Nandi. Sankaran’s wife prayed, Lord Siva to help her and establish her innocence to everyone. Next moment the conditions were fulfilled, in front of the villagers who were present in the place. They praised her, for her faith and devotion on Lord Siva.

Thiru Gyana Sambandhar sang Hymns on Lord Siva of this temple.

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