Ettukudi, Ennkan and Poravachery temple of Lord Murugan  

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    Poravachery, Ettukudi and Ennkan, are three Subramanya Swamy temples, in which the idols were sculpted by same sculptor in same pattern. The complete idol is of single granite stone. The Lord Subramnayar is sculpted with six face (Arumugan) and ten hands. He is seen with weapons, in ten hands, and two hands are Abhaya Varadha hastham. Lord Murugan is seen in seated form on his peacock which holds a snake to its beak. The sculpture of Subramanian is beautiful with minute details like finger, and nails which gives a feeling of life in the sculpture. This is the specialty about the Lord Subramanyar idol in all three places.

  1. Sri subramanya Swammy Temple, Poravachery

    This temple is situated at Poravachery four kilometers from Nagapattinam on the Nagapattinam-Tiruvarur route just one kilometer from Sikkal.

    Lord Shanmuga with his consorts Valli and Devayanai is in the form of granite statue. The peacock, Lord Muruga and the Tiruvasi are all made of a single piece of granite. Lord Subramanya received Vel from his mother Parvathy to fight against Sooran

    As we go around we see Lord Ganesha named as Annadhana pilliyar.There is a separate sanctum for Ambal, who is worshiped as swarna kalika Devi.
    Lord Siva is seen here, in Linga form known as Sundareswarar and his consort Meenaksi. There is a place here for Idumban.

    Arunagirinadhar sung Tirupugazh on Lord Murugan of this temple.


    There lived a sculptor in the village named Porulvaitha Cheri about a km away from Sikkal town of Nagapattinam district. He was a great devotee of Lord Muruga and used to chants Saravana manthram always. He sculpted an idol of Arumugan on peacock. The idol was beautiful and the Chola king who happen, to see this was impressed. He was too greedy and wanted the idol to be unique one of its kind in his kingdom. So he removed the thumb of sculpture so that, he may not be able to make another similar idol.

    The sculpture moved away from the place and on his way he saw a stone with all good qualities to make an idol. With great effort he started working on the stone. The king Mutharasan who was ruling that place saw him working with lot of effort and dedication. He was visiting the place to see the development in the work. He made another idol of Arumugan exactly similar to the previous one. At the time of completion light rays passed over the sculpture and the peacock started flying with Arumugan on its back. The sculpture lost his eye sight. He screamed out to catch (etti pidi- which means catch in tamil language) the peacock, At that time Raja muthurasan was entering inside, his soldiers caught hold of the peacock and made a scar on the leg. The complete thing became an idol and the king built a temple in the same place which was known as ettipidi. Over a period the name became Ettukudi in usage.

    The sculpture with the help of his daughter was able to sculpt another idol of Arumugan which was installed at Ennkan. At the completion of the sculpture he got back his eye sight.

  2. Ennkan:

    Ennkan Murugan temple is located in Thiruvarore district about 13 kms from Thiruvarore. The temple was constructed during 2nd Kulothungan period. The place is also known as Sameevanam

    Main deity is Lord Subramanyar in separate sanctum. Here Lord Siva seen in the form of Swayambu Lingam, known as Brahmapureswarar and his consort Perriya Nayaki Amman.

    As we go around the temple we see sanctum for Sri Dhakshinamurthy, Natarajar Sivakami, Kasi Viswanathar, Bairavar, and Arunachaleswarar

    Vanni maram is Sthala vruksham and teertham known as Kumara Teertham, Nethara pushkarani, saravana Poigai, Vridha cauvery, and Brahma teertham

    Importance three days in the month of Panguni (March / April), sunray falls on Lord Siva. Here Arumugan is seen in sitting posture on peacock. The complete weight of Thiruvasi, Lord Arumugan and the peacock is rested on one foot of the peacock.

    Purana says Lord Subramanyar arrested Lord Brahma, who was unable to explain the meaning ofPranava Manthram and he started doing the creation work. Brahma worshiped Lord Siva with his eight eyes. Lord Siva was pleased and asked Subramanayar to release him and hand over the duty of creation. Lord Subramanya refused to give to one who does not know the meaning of Pranava Manthram. Lord Siva convinced, Lord Subramanya and asked him to give upadesam of Pranava Manthram and assign Brahma with duty of creation.

    So in this temple Lord Subramanya is facing south side and resembles Lord Dakshina moorthy, so he is known as Gyana karakan, looks like Natarajar and the hall is known as sabha mandapam. He is like kala samhara moorthy so he is considered as Arul karakan

    Since Brahma worshipped with his eyes the place is known as Enkann. One who has problem with their vision, worship Arumugan of Ennkan, and they are blessed with good eyesight says sthala puranam

    Arunagirinadhar Sang Thirupugazh on Lord Subramanyar.

  3. Ettukudi Murugan

    Ettukudi Village is about 20 kms from Nagapattinam to Thiruthuraipoondy route. Main deity is Lord Siva in Lingam form as Soundhara nayakar and his consort known as Anandavalli thayar Vanmeega chittar attained Samadhi here. Samadhi is seen under the vanni tree. Vanni maram and saravana poigai, Other deities like Nardhana Ganapathy, juraharewaa, Sreenivasa Soundaraja perumal,Sani Bagawan and Bairavar are seen. Importance of the temple is deity appears to us, as we visualize him in our heart. Arunagirindhar sung Tirupugazh on Lord Subramanya of this temple.

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