Arakanda Nallore, Athulya Nadeswarar Temple, Vizhupuram.  

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Arakanda Nallore: Athulya Nadeswarar Temple.

This place Arakanda Nallore is about 2 kms from Thiru koiloore and 35 kms from Vizhupuram. This is one of the Nadu Nadu Devara sthalam. Previously the place was known as Arayani Nallore. The temple is on a hillock near the confluence of Gowthami River and River Penna.

The temple Raja gopuram is of seven tiers.

Sthala Vruksham is Vilvam and teertham is River Penna.

Main Deity is Swayambu Siva Lingam known as Athulya Nadhar / Oppila Maneeswarar facing west under Rudraksha mandapam. His consort known as Soundra Kanakambikai / Azhagiya Ponnamai in standing posture is seen in different sanctum. Goddess is holding Alli Flower in her left hand and Lotus flower in her right hand. The temple is considered to be Gyana Yoga Sakthi Peetam.

Nandi is seen facing slightly towards right side with his ears turned towards the main sanctum, as if, he is ready to hear, what Lord Siva says. Here he is known as Sevimadukkum Nandi Devar.
Adikara Nandi is seen slightly moved towards Left side. When Sambandhar came to this place the doors of temple, were shut by the followers of other religion and worship was totally stopped. Sambandhar sang Hymns about Lord Siva here, and the doors opened immediately and then onwards rituals were started again. Both Nandi and Adikara Nandi seen slightly moved to either sides with their face turned towards left and right side respectively, for Sambandhar to have a clear darshan of Lord Sri Athulya Nadhar.

Other deities seen in the temple are Swayambu Valampuri Vinayakar, Mutthu Kumarar seen with six hands, Vishnu seen with Pryoga Chakkram in his hand with Lakshmi Devi, Kati hastha Durgai, Jeshta Devi, Asithanga Bairavar, Chandeekeswarar, Saptha madhar, Saneeswarar and Navagraham. Saneeswarar in the navagraham sanctum is seen with his right leg placed on his vahanam crow. Biravar is seen without his vahan dog.

Sambandar sanctum

There is a sanctum for Ramana Maharishi in the temple.

Eesanar, Durvasar and Viswamitra Rishi wanted to learn thoroughly about Eswara sakthi. So they approached Hygragreevar who is supposed to be god for Gyanam. Lord Hyagreevar joined with them and approached Lord Murugan for Upadesam. When they went to Lord Murugan he took them to His mother Goddess Parvathy.

Mother Goddess blessed them and asked them to visit Krishnaranyam on Earth where confluence of Penna and Gowthami River happens. To the north bank of this place there is a Hillock with power of Gyana Sakthi. Goddess asked them to meditate in this place about Lord Sivato get good result. Lord Siva was impressed with their penance and appeared before them. Lord gave Upadesam about Veda Agama Nadham. Lord Siva’s Upadesam to them about the Nadham was so clear and precise; they addressed him as Sri Athi Tulya Nadha Eswarar, which over a period changed into Sri Athula Nadeswarar.

There is a sanctum for Annamalayarhere. Sambandharafter worshippingLord Siva here wanted to visit Thiruvanna malai and worship Annamalayaar. But it did not happen so, he thought of Annamalayaar and installed a Siva Lingam and worshipped Him. This sanctum is seen in-between Sri Athulya Nadhar Sanctum and Goddess Soundra Kanakambikai.

As we go around the temple, we see Foot prints of Sambandhar placed on a peetam in a place from where he worshipped Annamaliyaar and sang Hymns on Him.

Sthala Purana says Lord Vishnu worshiped Lord Siva in this pace to get rid of his dosha for destroying Mahabali. Goddess Lakshmi also came in search of Lord Vishnu to this place. Lord Siva appeared before them here.

Once a muni, by name Neelakantar visited Siva kshetrams, to get rid of his curse. On his way to Thiru Annamlai he took bath in River Penna and sat on the hillock. From place he was able to see Thiru Annamalai, so he decided to worship Lord Siva from this place. He started meditating in this place. Lord Siva was pleased with his worship, and appeared before him with his consort Parvathy, and blessed him to get rid of his curse. Neelakanta Muni prayed Lord Siva, to stay back in the place and bless mankind. Lord Siva is in Swyambu Lingam form known as Araiani Nadahar in this place.

Here we see five caves where Pancha Pandava stayed for sometime during their Agnayatha vasam Period

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