Lakshmi Narashimar Temple, Atthili, Vizhupuram.  

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Lakshmi Narashimar Temple: Atthili, Vizhupuram.

The place Atthili is about 2 kms from Araganda Nallore which is in-between Vizhupuram and Thirukoiloore (30 kms distance) on the bank of River Pennai.

The temple is small one with main sanctum. Pooja is performed according to Panchrathra Agamam.

Sthala Vruksham is Bodhi Vruksham.

Main Deity here is Lakshmi Narashimar. The main sanctum is constructed on a Garuda shaped Rock.

Sri Vyasarajar of Madhva Siddantha Mahan visited this place hearing the glory of the temple. Purana says in his next birth he wasHis Holiness Sri Ragavendra of Madhava Peetam. He stayed in this place and worshiped Lord Narashimar. Anjaneyar in separate sanctum was installed by His Holiness Sri Ragavendrar.

The Purana says in Narashimar avatharm, Lord Vishnu had to rescue his devotee Prahladha with out much delay. He had to be present in everything, to make the words of Prahlada come true.Lord Vishnu did not wait for Garuda his Vahan.

Garuda was unhappy and he went in search of Lord Vishnu. He could not find Lord Narashimar. Finally Garuda reached Atthili where he started his penance on a rock. His penance was so severe; heat generated due to this was felt in Kailash and Vaikundam also.Devas approached Lord Vishnu to protect them. Lord Vishnu appeared before Garuda and blessed him. Lord Vishnu granted boons to him. Garuda wanted Lord Vishnu to bless him in the form of Narashimar. He requested Lord Narashimar to stay back and protect mankind in the same way as he did for Prahladha.

This is the reason for the rock to be in the form of Garuda and Lord Narashimar is seen here with Lakshmi Devi on his lap.

Stone inscription it is believed, during the boom period of Vijayanagr Samrajyam, 300 Madva families of Vedic Pandits resided here.

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