Thiru Vennai Nallore, Krupapureeswarar Temple, Vizhupuram.  

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Thiru Vennai Nallore: Krupapureeswarar Temple.

The place is about 20 kms SE of Thirukoviloore, to south of River Pennai. This is one of the Nadu Nadu Devara Sthalam.

The Main Raja Gopuram is of five tiers. There are two prakaram in the temple.


Sthala Vruksham is Bamboo. Teertham is Danda Teertham, River Pennai, Siva Ganga Teertham, Pandava Teertham, Vaikunda Teertham, and Veda Teertham.

Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Krupa Pureeswarar / Atkonda Nadhar / Venu Pureeswarar and Arut konda Nadhar. His consort known as Magalambikai Amman in standing posture with four hands is seen in separate sanctum.

Ambaal sanctum

After Magisha Vadam, She bathed in the River here and was cooled down and she is known as Mangalambikai. Hence here we see Shima Vahanam instead of Nandi. Sri Chakkrm is installed here in the sanctum. Both sanctums of Lord Siva and Goddess are facing east.

Sundarar sanctum

We find sanctum for Vinayakar Known as Polla Pillayar, Subramanayar, and Sundrar sanctum in the inner prakaram. Vinayakar in this temple is Swayambu Moorthy, who taught the great Saiva Acharya Meikanda Devar when he was five years old.

Meikanda Devar temple.

As we go around we see3 Lingams. Vijaya Lingam worshiped by Arjuna, Sundara Lingam worshiped by Devandran and Sankara Lingam worshiped by Lord Vishnu.

Saptha Madhar.

Sthala Purana: During the period when Lord Siva took Aalakala Visham (poison) Goddess Uma Devi made a fort with butter from cow’s milk and performed Penance here in the middle of Panchagni, hence the place is known as Thiru Vennai Nallore.

Purana says the greatness of this temple is once Lord Siva took a form of old man and went for the wedding function of Sundarar. There he claimed Sundarar as his servant. Finally after lot of discussions he took Sundarar to his place Thiru Vennai Nallore.

The mandapam where the discussion was held between Lord Siva and Sundarar

Sekizhar describes in Periya Puranam how the disputes were settled judicially. There should three main things Aatchi (Tradition), Aavanam (Document) and Aayalar Katchi (Eye Eitness). Lord Siva produced a Document signed by Ancestors of Sundarar, as Eye Witness to claim Sundarar as his servant. Lord Siva won the dispute and took Sundarar to his home Thiru Vennai Nallore with Him. Here, Lord Siva left his padukas (foot wears) outside and entered the temple with Sundrar and when he reached Garba Graham (Inner Sanctum) he disappeared. Sundarar realized it was Lord Siva who has demanded his service in the form of Old man. Sundarar apologized to Lord Siva, for his ignorance. Lord Siva, asked Sundarar to sing his praise. Sundarar told with out knowledge how he can sing aboutLord. It was at this time Lord Siva asked him to sing Hymn starting with word Pitha (which means Lunatic). Sundarar sang Pitha Pirai Soodi which was his first composition on Lord Siva.

The Padukas of Lord Siva is there in the temple for darshan even now.

Sthala Purna says Tarukavana Rishi’s performed Yagna to destroy Lord Siva. Their evil thoughts were absorbed by Lord Siva and they were under His control. The realized their fault and penance here onLord Siva to forgive them and they were blessed. Hence, Lord Siva in this temple is known as Krupa pureeeswarar. Vedasperformed penance and had darshan of Lord in the form of Fire. Lord took the form of Swayambu Lingam to fulfill the request of Vedas.

Arunagiri Nadhar sang Thirupugazh. After hearing his Thirupugazh Lord Murugan of the temple gave darshan to Arunagiri Nadhar in dancing form with his peacock

At the end of the road we see Meikandadeva Nayanar Temple of Thiruvavadu Thurai Aadeenam.

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