Gramm, Siva Loka Nadhar Temple, Vizhupuram.  

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Gramm: Siva Loka Nadhar Temple. This is one of Nadu Nadu Devara Sthalam.

The place Gramam is about 23Kms NE of Ulundoorpettai on the south bank of Malataru.

The Raja Gopuram is of five tiers. There is only one prakaram

The sanctums of Lord Siva, Ambal and Subramanyar are in Somaskand form. Subramanyar sanctum is in-between Lord Siva and goddess

Near the entrance of Gopuram unlike other temples Vinayakar and Muruganposition is changed

Sthala Vruksham is Vanni. Teertham known as Brahma Teertham

Main Deity is Swayambu Siva Lingam known as Arulmigu Sivaloka Nadhar/ Mundeesurar, with his consort Known as Kanaar Kuzhali / Soundara Nayaki in different sanctum.

Other Deitiies seen, while we go around the prakaram are Vinayakar sanctum, Murugan sanctum, Natarajar, Dakshina Moorthy sanctum, Iyanar, Duragai.

Saptha Madhar, sanctum and Navagraham. Vinayakar is known as Varasiddhi Vinayakar.

Dakshina Moorthy here is seen seated on Nandi, on a mountain. Here kallala maram is missing

Sthala purana says originally Lord Siva was on Lotus flour in pushakarani. Later The Siva Lingam was installed by King Chokkalingam in the temple.
Tindi and Mundi the Dwarapalakar of Lord Siva worshiped here and they were blessed.

Stone inscriptions mentions the name of the place was Mudicharamin olden days later the place is known as Thiru Mundecharam. It is mentioned the place was known as olden days.

Lord Siva offered a bag full of Vibuthi (Pokkanam) to King Veerapandiyan. Hence he is known as Pokkanam kodutha Nayanar.

Brahma and Devandran worshiped Lord Siva here in this place.Thiru Navukkuarasar sang Thiru Thondaga Thiru Padigam on Lord Siva.

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