Echanari Vinayakar, Mahalakshmi, Anjaneyer, Otraikal mandapam and Soolakal Marriamman. Coimbatore.  

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  1. Govinda nayakan palayam:Rama temple.

    Main deity: Kodhanda ramar sannidhi. Archaka says deity is very powerful and this he has experinced many a times.

  2. Koil palayam: Siva temple.

    Main deity is Siva lingam known as Kalakaleswarar.

    Importance: Guru in different sanctum here.

  3. Echanari Vinayakar:

    The temple is located on coimbatore to pollachi highway.

    Main deity is Vinayakar. The idol here is huge in size.

    Importance: Ganesha was taken from Madurai to Peroor onthe way they stopped here to rest and when they wanted to continue their journey they were not able to lift Ganesha from there. Ganesha settled here according to his wish.

  4. Sree maha lakshmi temple.

    It is on the coimbatoore and Pollachi highway. The temple is private temple.

    Durga Lakshmi and Saraswathi idol made of granite and it is huge in size. Temple is well maintained. Even now we can picturise the goddess of the temple. U can see Dakshina moorthy, Dhanvanthri, Brahma in brass on the sides of outer wall of the sanctum. Brass idols are small in size.

    There is huge Anjeneya in granite placed outside the sanctum and within the compound. The temple is surrounded by flowering plants on three sides.

  5. Baktha Anjaneya:

    The temple is on the Coimbatore and pollachi highway. The temple is care by Ram seva trust. The temple is a small one surrounded by beautiful garden with flowering plants with a neat path way to go around the main sanctum.

    A rare posture of Anjaneya with closed eyes and doing bajan with cymble in his both hands. The idol is 5’ in size made of granite. To the right we see Rama, Sita, and Lakshamana. The place is well maintained. There is a piramid in the compound to sit and mediate inside, where Hanuman photo is kept.

  6. Otraikal mandapam: Siva temple.

    The place is about 23 kms from Coimbatoore to Pollachi highway.

    Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Putridamkondeesar and his consort Poong kodai nayakiin different sanctum.

    Importance: Daily a cow used to pour milk in one place and they had a doubt as to why it is happening so and when they try to find the reason they found the linga in the place.

  7. Ponmalai: Murugan temple.

    The place is popularly kown as Kenathukkadavu.

    Main deity is Subramanya swamy known as Velandhiya swamy temple.

    Importance: The temple belongs to 14th century. It is a small hillock and we see the foot prints of Kumaraswamy here. Purana says Lord Subramanya did not get the mango fruit he left Kailasa and came to Pazani.

    On his way they say he rested his foot on this hillock and the foot print we see is related to it. In the dream of zamindar subramanaya swamy pointed to him that he can find his foot prints on the hill. When zamindar went and saw he found the foot prints. Zamindar constructed a temple and installed the velayudha swamy here and worshipped.

  8. soolakal Marriamman:

    The place is about 9 kms from Pollachi.

    Main Deity: Swayambu Marriamman.
    sullam and Swayambu stone of mahamayi led to the name of the place as Sullakal.

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