Tri moorthy malai, Anai Malai, vada Madurai and Peroor Temple. Coimbatoore  

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  1. Tri moorthy malai: Siva temple

    The place is about 20 kms from udumalaipettai.
    The temple is to the foot of the mountain. 900 meter above the mountain pancha linga is there.

    Main deity is Amana lingeswarar and parvathi amman.

    Importance: Brahama , Vishnu and Siva wanted to prove Anusuya's chastity. She transformed them into infants. Parvathi , Lakshmi and Saraswathi came in search of their husbands. They praised Anusuya and got their husbands to orignal forms. Hence the place is known as Trimoorthy malai.

    There is no idol as such. If one take dip in the river and pray god they are blessed with child. The place is full of natural beauty.

  2. Anai malai:

    The place is about 15 kms from Pollachi.

    Main deity: is known as Masani amman.

    Importance: The main deity masani amman in sleeping posture of 17’ length facing the sky.

    The story is Viswamitra the Raja rishi wanted to do yaga at thadaka vanam were thadakai was troubling everyone. So Viswamitra sought the help of Rama to complete his yaga peacefully. Rama in turn worshiped Devi to help him out in his mission.

    Devi asked Rama to make an idol of Devi in mud and worshipher. She asked Rama to destroy the idol before going to face Thadakai. Rama did as he was told but he forgot to destroy the idol.

    After thadakai vadam he came to destroy the idol but at that time Eswari appeared and asked not to do so. She said here after the mud idol will be here, to take care of this place

  3. Vada madurai: Siva temple.

    The place is about 17 kms from coimbatoore.

    Main deity is Virundheeswarar and his consort known as Viswa nayaki amman.

    Importance: Two linga on one sanctum. Big Linga at the back and small Linga to front.

    Sundarar sang hymns on Siva of this place.

  4. Peroor: Siva temple.

    One of 275 Siva Devara Sthalam. The temple is 1800 years old temple. The place is about 6 kms from coimbatoore town. Buses are available. Sthala vruksham is Panneer maram. Teertham is Singa kenaru. (well)

    Main Deity is Siva lingam known as Patteeswarar or Pachai nayaki. Importance: We see Kamadenu at the back of the main deity.

    Subramanayaswamy in dandayudhapani form and Arunagiri nadhar sang thirupugazh on murugan.

    The place is known as Dakshina Kailasam and one can attain mukthi worshipping deity of this place. Bairavar is without vahana in this place which is unusual and known as gyana bairavar.

    Both Vishnu Durgai and Siva Durgai sculptures are there which is rare again. Hanuman of four and half feet made of single wood known as etti maram is installed here.

    Well known Kanaka sabha were 8 sculptures carved on pillars which are so good no words to mention and compare. The moorties are Urthuva thandavam, Akora veerabadharar, Pichadana moorthy, Gajasamhara moorthy, Agni veerabadhara moorthy, Alangattu Kalli amman, Nirthya Ganapathy and Subramanya swamy.

    The pillar sculptures are huge. There are many other beautiful sculptures in the pillars, to see and appriciate. We see Nataraja and Sivakami in kanaka sabha. This sculpture is made by Kamabanachari in 28 years period. There are 36 pillars in total.

    Purana says Kamadenu worshipped Siva of this place for many years. Calf of Kamadenu known as patti, by mistake stamped siva linga, which was covered with mud and it was not able to pull its leg out so Kamadenu tried to clear the mud by its horns. Blood started oozing from the place and kamadenu was worried.

    Siva revealed himself from the spot. We can see the mark of the horns of Kamadenu and hooves of the calf on Siva linga.

    The place is known as Kamadenupuram and Lord Siva known as Pattieeswarar. This is the reason we see Kamadenu with its calf patti at the back of main deity.

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Putridamkondeesar and his consort Poong kodai nayaki....super temple. Poojas are in Tamil. avan arulale avavn thal vananginen.....krishnan

February 17, 2012 at 5:46 AM

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