Poondi, Esha Dhyana Lingam, Marudha Malai,Thiru Murugan Poondi and Gurovayoor temple. Coimbatoore.  

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  1. poondi: Velliangiri.

    The place is about 40 kms from coimbatoore. The place is known as Dakshina kailash.

    Importance: Siva worshipped in the form of mountain as swayambu linga. Here Seven hills together known as velliangiri. This place is known as pancha boodha sthalam. Siva known as Panchalingeswarar.

    Foot of the hill Lord Ganesha is there popularly known as poondi vinayakar. We see Sivalinga at foot hill known as velliangiri nadhar and Soundara nayaki amman.

    The temple dates back to 3000years old and malai vazh makkal worshipped here. They say lot of chittars penanced and worshipped here. Puruna says Arjuna penenced and worshipped and got his pasupadasthram. We see people climbing up hill to have darshan of pancha lingaswarar.

  2. Dhyana lingam:

    The place is known as Esha dhanaya maiyam beyond religion.

    We see Sarva dharma stupa of 17’height at the entrance with symbols of all religion on its sides. To one side we see seven chakkras present in human body depicted on it. On the top of thestupa we see sun face.

    As we enter and go around trimoorthy swaroopam ie: Rudra, Vishnu, and Brahama are seen. There the followers ask us to maintain silence the moment we enter in and observe till we get out from there.

    We see water flowing down and there is mercury lingam in the water, so the water has power to heal all ailments. Person who takes a dip can touch the linga for full effect. Bathrooms are provided so that one can take a bath and then take a dip in the water. The place is well maintained.

    The Dhanaya maiyam building is in circular form. Inside we have a big linga surrounded by water. One can sit and mediate. The class is conducted to teach about medetation.

    While comming out us see Patanjali statue and opposite to it vanasree ie: tree with golden leaf is seen. To the side walls we see stone pictures depicting puranas.

  3. Chinna koil: Siva temple.

    Main deity:is Ambalavanar and his consort Akilandeeswari.The temple belongs to Rishi period. There is a river flowing beside.

  4. Marudha malai: Subramanya swamy temple.

    The place is about 12 kms from coimbatoore.

    Main Deity is Bala Subramanaya swamy.

    Importance: The temple is on small hill. One side of marudha malai we have vellaingiri in the form of Siva and to the other side we have neela malai which is considered as Paravathi swaroopam, hence Marudha malai is considered as Somaskandha roopam. Down hill we have pampadi chittar samadhi.

  5. Chenni Andavar: Murugan temple.

    Main deity: Subramanaswamy temple. Other deities like Viswanadhar, Visalakshi, Navagraham, Valli Devasena samaydha Kalyana Subramanayar.

  6. Thiru murugan poondy: Siva temple

    The temple is, one of the 275 Siva Devara sthalam The place is about 45 kms from Coimbatoore.

    Main Deity is Swayambu lingam known as Thiru murugha nadhar and his consort known as Muyangu poon malai amman. Teertham is Shanmuga, Brahama and Gyana teertham. Sthala vruksham is Gurukkathi.

    Importance: Subramanya as Arumughan with valli daivanai worshipped Lord Siva of this place, to get rid of his due to sura samhara. Hence the place is known as Thiru murugan poondy.

    Sundarar got lot of wealth from Cheraman peruman nayanar, which was stolen by boodha ganas of Lord Siva in the form of hunter. Sundarar sang hymns on Siva of this place and he got back all his wealth. We see two sundarar idols one sad and one with glowing face.

    Arunagirinadhar sang Thirupugazh on Lord subramanaya of this place.

  7. Guruvayoorappan temple: Krishna temple.

    The temple is in Thiruppur.

    Main deity: Lord krishna . We see Dasavatara picture on the wall. There is a small hanuman placed outside the main sanctum, to the side. There is Viswaroopa Darshan of Lord vishnu painted.

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