Thiru Avinankudi, Periya Nayaki, Kodai mangalam, Komara lingam. Coimbatoore.  

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  1. Thiru Avinankudi: Subramanayaswamy.

    Main Deity is Velayudha swamy on peacock.

    Sthala vruksham is Nelli maram.

    Importance: Thiru means Lakshmi, A means Kamadhenu, Inan means Surya, Ku means Bhooma devi, and Di means Agni. So by name Thiru Avinan kudi we learn that Lakshmi, Kamadhenu, Surya, Boomadevi, and Agni worshipped velayudha swamy of this place.

    The other deities are Arulmigu Meenakshi Sundareswarar, Pada Vinayakar, Vellieeswarar, Parameswarar, Arunagirinadhar, and Someswarar. Arunagirinadhar sang
    Thirupugazh on lord murugan of this place.

  2. Periya nayaki temple:

    The temple is known as oorkoil and it is within the town. The temple was in Kadamba vanam near Shanmuga River, but now we see only the river.

    Goddess is given more importance hence the temple is known as periyanayaki temple.

    The story is when Subramanya swamy left in anger to this place Siva and Parvathi followed him to take him back along with them. Subramanya refused to go with them. Parvathi being a mother she followed her son further and this was the place she was stopped by Siva.

    The deity here is Somaskanda moortham, ie: murugan to the centre and Periyanakayi and Kailasanadhar to either side. Pillars of the temple are beautifully carved.

    Some sculptures like Markandeya rescued by Siva, from yama, Ravana lifting Kailasa parvatha with Siva and Parvathi, Manmadha and Rathi with flower arrow in hand are really good.

  3. Kodaimangalam:

    Siva temple, known as periya Avudiayar koil.

    The place is about 7 kms from Palani. Teertham is Sanmuga teertham. Sthala vruksham is Kadamba vruksham.

    Main deity is Bruhadeeswarar and his consort known as Brughan nayakai amman.

    Importance: This is the place were Siva and parvathi came together following Murugan to take him back home. Here Natraja vigraha is of stone. Navagrahas are huge with vahanas. The other deities are Brahama Thirumal Dakshina moorthy and Rudra.

  4. Kottai: Mariamman temple.

    Main deity: Swayambu Marriamman.

    The temple is in the end of the village and known as ellai katha amman ie: she safe guards the village.

  5. Komara lingam: Siva temple.

    The place is about 4 kms from kozumam. Teertham is Amaravathi teertham.

    Main deity is Kasi viswanadhar and his consort known as Visalakshi.

    Importance: We see two nandi on same platform. One is pradosha nandi and the other is Adigara nandi. Puruna says, this place is equal to Kasi in all respects.

  6. Dattharayea muni jeeva samadhi:

    The place is about 4 kms from kozumam.

    Main deity is Dattathreyeeswarar and Sowandraya nayaki.

    Imporatance: On request of muni Linga was kept and named after him. Pooja is done only two times a day. The temple is kept open only for short time.

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