Keezhayoor, Kuthalam  

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  1. Keezhayoor:

    This is one of 275 Devara sthalam.

    The place Therazhundur is about 4 kms south of Kuthalam. Kezhayoor is to east of Therazhundur.

    As we enter there is a Dwajasthambam with Ganesha in it. As we proceed going around the prakaram we see Adi sivan, gajalakshmi, Valli, Devanai and Subramanyar, Navagraha, Bairavar, Vinykar and Siva Lingams, and Three valamburi Vinayakar.

    We enter into main sanctum of main deity, Swayambu Lingam known as Vedapureeswarar and his consort Soundarambikai. Vilvam is the Sthala vruksham and Veda teertham is the temple Pushkarani. Goddess Soundrambikai is in different temple, inside the main temple.

    Vedas worshipped Lord Siva in this place hence the name Vedapureeswarar. He is also known as Athyabakeswarar. Athyabakar means teacher, and they say he taught veda here hence the name.

    As we go around the inner round of the main sanctum we see Dakshina moorthy, Lingothbavar, Durgai as koshta devathas and chandikeswarar in small sanctum.

    Importance: Here goddess Soundara nayaki is important. Therazhundur sthalam is important. There are certain temples which are considered as Thirumana sthalams out of which Therazhundur is one.

    Purana says Ambikai lived as a cow in earth at Thiruvavaduthurai, perumal as a person who takes care of the cow. He saw his sister Parvathy , who was like a cow as a girl at Therazhundur. She was brought up by Baratha muni at Thirunthurthy. Marriage yagam of Parvathy and Lord Siva took place at Velvikudi , and the marriage at Thirumanancheri.

    Since parvathy took the form of a girl, with Soundaryam {Beauty} at this place Therazhundur it is considered important. Ambal in this place is very beautiful.

    Purana: Agasthya muni worshipped Lord Siva of this place. Once King Urthuvaradhan, was passing through the place, in air on his chariot add did not noticed Agyasthiya muni worshipping Lord Siva. The chariot was not able to move further, hence the place was known as Therazhundur.

    Devas, Ashtadik balakars, Vedas and muni’s worshipped Lord Siva of this place, and were blessed. Gyana Sambandhar sang hymns on Lord Siva of this Place.

    There are stone inscriptions belonging to 3rd Kulothanga chola period.

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