Kshetra Bala Puram, Tanjore District.  

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  1. Kshetra bala Puram:

    The temple is 2 kms from Kutthalam of Tanjavoor district, and the place is known as Kshetra bala Puram.

    Main deity is Bairavar known as Ananda Kala Bairavar. Normally Bairavar seems to be ugra swaroopam but, in this place he got rid of his Brahma hathi dosha and he is in a happy state of mood. The only separate temple for Bairavar in south India is the place Kshetra Bala Puram.

    The temple is a small one facing west. We see Swetha Vinayakar in the temple. Bairavar has Kapalam, Soolam, Pasam and damarukam in his four hands. Nandi is seen facing Kala Bairavar. There is a well inside the compound.

    Purana says, once Brahma thought he is equal to Lord Siva since he had five heads like him. He started abusing Lord Siva, who asked Rudhra to remove the fifth head of Brahma. Rudhara took the form of Bairavar and removed the head of Brahma, by which Brahma realized his mistake. Due to this act Biravar got Brahma hathi dosha.

    Bairavar requested Lord Siva to show him the way to get rid of his brahamahathi dosha. Lord Siva told him he will be relieved of his dosha, by going to Bhoolokam and ask for Biksha there. Bairavar did as he was told and when he reached the place Thiruvalanchuzhi, he got rid of his Brahma hathi dosha.

    There he worshiped Swetha Vinayakar who asked Bairavar to throw the soolam in his hand to eastern side. Vinayakar asked him to stay in that place where his soolam fell, and bless mankind. The place where soolam fell was known as Kshetra Balapuram. Kala Bairavar was known as Kshetra Balakar here.

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i am very grateful to u because u show my Godplace to me.exellent,fentafabllas,millons of thanks

November 28, 2011 at 9:34 AM

Its very useful information about my native place... Thank you very much...

July 9, 2015 at 1:20 AM

Its very useful information about my native place... Thank you very much....

July 9, 2015 at 1:21 AM

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