Kotheswara temple, contonment, secunderabad  

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  1. Kotheswar temple:

    The temple is in Secunderabad Cantonment area about 10 kms from Secunderabad Station.The temple is in a very calm atmosphere and beautiful surrounding.

    TheSiva Lingam here is a very old one and it looks something different from normal Lingam we see.

    It’s a rock temple and the main sanctum looks like a cave. There are two main doors one to east and the other to east side.

    To east side entrance we see a Hanuman with Sanjeevi parvath carved to stone.

    We see a decorated nandi in front of the Lord Siva.
    The Siva lingam is too small and it is a bit low from the floor.

    Within the main sanctum we see sculpture carved to rock. There are steps which lead to the top of main sanctum hall.

    There is a huge hall in front to accomadate the devotees who visit during sivarathri festival.

    There is a big tree to which we see many bells hanging. They say those are tied by the trainees once they finish training period. Under the tree we see small Yama sculpture.

    There is a seperate sanctum for Durga matha. The sculpture is of marble.

    The cadets have made a replica of temple like Amarnath. Cave, and inside we see a lingam of ice.

  2. The History written on a board at the temple premises:

    The history of Kotheswara Temple of 1EME centres is unique temple in twin cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad. The temple is located on a hillock at a height of 50meters.

    The history of Koteshwar temple dates back to a century and has a in Siva puranam which refers to Swayambu Siva lingam formed 9 lakhs years ago.

    The history says in this area of Kotheswara temple there was a quarry in which number of labourers employed for breaking stones. One day the Siva lingam was found when they were working. A small temple was built for Lord Siva.

    The Siva Lingam in the temple is the same one which was mentioned in Siva puranam.

    The temple was then surrounded by wild vegetation and dense forest. Number of saints lived and worshipped Lord Siva here.

    In 1953 No1EME shifted from Banglore to Secunderabad, and a promotion cadre Company was formed. The trainees of promotion Cadre Company re-established,
    this old temple. Bajans, keerthans, and worship were done here. They developed the surroundings area of the temple and constructed the south side steps leading to temple.

    In 1966 the Driving Training Battalion of 1EME centre shifted to this existing location. The small temple was renovted and re- constructed.

    In 1985 a massive project was under-taken to give a new look to the temple. Number of additions and alterations were done. The entire project was undertaken by the staff, trainees and recruits of 4, Training battalion on voluntary basis. The finance was raised by the daily offerings made by devotees.

    Sivarathry festival is celebrated in a grand scale.

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