Pancha mukha Hanuman, Rameswaram.  

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  1. Kodumaloore: Murugan Temple.

    This temple is in Kamudhi of Ramanadh District

    Main deity is Swayambu Murugan in standing posture of 4’ height.
    There is only a single hall and we see Murugan standing on the floor. There is an arch seen on the main road to guide. They say the temple is very old one and nothing much is known about the temple.

  2. Pancha mukha Anjaneyar:

    This is a small temple in Rameswaram.

    Main Deity is Pancha Mukha Hanuman with two hands. They have applied sindhoor on Hanuman. He holds Gadha in his right hand.

    Purana: Once an Asura named Mayil Ravana took away the Sudarshna Chakkra from Lord Vishnu. Anjaneyar knew about it and he wanted to get the Sudarshana Chakkra from Mayil Ravana and give that to Lord Vishnu. Mayil Ravana was powerful person who can change his form as he wished.

    Vishnu wanted to help Hanuman, who was going to face Mayil Ravana.

    By the blessings of Lord Vishnu, Hanuman was blessed with Lions face of Narashima Avatara, another one of Garuda which can fly if needed, another one is Hayagreeva’s face along with its powers, fourth one was face of Varaha, and the fifth one is Hanuman face itself.

    Parvathi gave Hanuman Lotus flower as her blessing and Yama Dharma his Pasam (weapon) to Hanuman.

    With the blessings of everyone Hanuman was able to defeat Mayil Ravana and get the Sudarhna Chakkra back.

    In Kali yuga by worshipping Pancha Mukha Anjaneyar, one can get rid of enemies with the help of Narashima mukha, With the help of garuda, one can overcome all types of Dosha, Varaha mukha helps to get all types of wealth, and Hayagreeva will give gyana and this will help in attracting others.we build up courage and confidence in us.

    Here in the same temple we see the stones which Hanuman used for building the bridge to Sri Lanka. These stones are heavy but they are seen floating in the water. On every stone we see Rama Namam.

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I remember going there as a 10 year old

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