Moovalore temple, Mailaduthurai.  

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The next few posts are about, Temples of Mailaduthurai, Seergazhi and few temples to Nanilam district.

  1. Moovaloore: This is a Devara Vaippu Sthalam.

    The place is about 8 kms SW of Mailaduthurai. This place Muvaloore is known as Pungavana Kshetram. The temple has a Main Raja gopuram is of five storey with two prakaram.

    Main Deity: Swayambu Lingam known as Margasahayesar and his consort Soundraya Nayaki Amman. There is one more goddess seen in the outer prakaram known as Anjal nayaki, Mayelambal.

    Punga is sthala vruksham for the temple. River cauveri, Durga Pushkarani and Chandra pushkarani is considered as teertham for this temple.

    Importance is Lord Siva worshipped himself in this place Moovaloore. Lord Vishnu and Brahma worshipped Siva Lingam here hence the place is known as Moovaloore.

    AfterMahisha vadham, to get rid of her Akora roopam ambal, penenced here and worshipped Lord Siva, to get back her original qualities. She was called as Soundraya Nayaki and Lord Siva married her.

    Once when Lord Siva was teaching about Veda agamam (rules) Parvathy was distracted by Peacock’s dance. She was cursed by Lord Siva, who asked her to penance in this place. She took the form of peacock and worshipped Lord Siva and was blessed by him. Hence we see Ambal as Mayelambal here in different sanctum.

    Purana says asura brothers Vidhuenmali, Tharakashan, and Kamalakshan, penenced, as a result received three fort which can take them to anywhere they wished. The three given to them was made of Gold, silver and Iron. Once they acquired, the power they started troubling every human being including Devas.

    Rishi’s and Devas requested Lord Siva to find a solution for asura’s behavior. Lord Siva decided to fight with asura’s, and everyone contributed themselves in modeling a chariot for him to go to battle field and face them.

    The war started, and when Lord Siva was about to aim arrow at asura, everyone started thinking with their help, Lord will be able to kill them. Siva knew this and he wanted to teach them a lesson. Without using any weapon he destroyed them into ashes. Except Lord Vishnu and Brahma everyone were destroyed.

    Both Lord Vishnu and Brahma realised their mistake, and wanted to do get rid of Siva’s anger they worshpped Lord Siva who was pleased, and asked them to worship Siva lingam in this place under punga tree.

    They did not find any Siva Lingam and once again they pleaded, Lord Siva to help them. They saw Siva as Rudhara moorthy and followed him who showed them the Swayambu Siva lingam, hidden under the punga tree.

    Once again they requested Rudra to teach them the procedure to worship Lord Siva. Rudra did the pooja for Siva lingam here and later Lord Vishnu and Brahma did pooja.

    Since, Rudra, Lord Vishnu and Brahma worshipped here it was named as Moovaloore.

    Sundarar, Navakku Arasar and sekizar sang hymns on Lord siva.
    There are stone inscription of chola, Pandya and Vijayanagar dynasty.

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