Sowriraja perumal, Thiru kannapuram.  

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  1. Thiru Kannapuram Sowriraja perumal temple:

    Thiru kannapuram is one of 108 Divya Desa temples. The temple is one of five Krishnaranya Kshetram. The place is about 8 kms east of Nanilam, located in-between River Thirumalaryan and Vettaru.

    The main Raja Gopuram is seven storeys and pushkarani is seen in front of the temple. Steps are provided to all four sides of pushkarani for devotee’s convenience.

    Main Deity is Thiru Neelamega perumal in standing posture with Sridevi and Bhoodevi Thayar to either Side. Urchavar is known as Sowriraja perumal.
    Kannapura Nayaki thayar is seen in separate sanctum.

    As we go around the main sanctum we see Azwar, Veebishanan, and Sri Raman sanctum. There is a separate sanctum for Udayavar to north side of Pushkarani.

    Importance: This is one of five Krishnaranya Kshetram . The rest four are Thirukovaloore, Thiru kannankudi, Thiru kavithalam, and Thiru Kannamangi.

    The place is also known as "Srimadha shadakshra maha mantra siddhi kshetram". This place is considered as one of Mukthy giving sthalam and known as Keezhai Vedu by Pandits of olden days. Thirumangai Azwar was blessed with Thiru Mantra Upadesam.

    Purana says King Upasarivasu performed Aswameda yaga and was blessed with a female child, who was named as Padmini. As she grew, she turned out to be a beautiful girl. Padmini meditated in this place to seek the hands of Perumal as her life partner. Sowriraja Perumal was happy with her devoation and dedication. He fulfilled her wish.

    There is story related to Perumal. One day Archakar of the temple, as a gesture handed over the garland which was on Sowriraja Perumal, to the King who visited the temple. The King saw a lengthy hair string to the garland. He was surprised and questioned about this. Archakar said it was the hair of the perumal.

    King did not believe it and asked his men to check and find the truth. Kings men tried to pluck the hair of Perumal in main sanctum. When they did so blood splashed, and King worried for his act. He prayed to perumal of this temple to forgive him. Perumal protected his devotee the Archakar, by proving his words as truth. From then, perumal here is known as Sowriraja Perumal.

    Sowriraja perumal is seen with prayoga chakra in his hands. The place is considered as Bhoolokha vaikundam. There is no separate door/ entrance, in the temple as Swarga vassal and there is no vimana darshanam in the temple.

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