Thiruvavaduthurai temple  

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  1. Thiruvavaduthurai: One of 275 Siva Devara Sthalam.

    The place is about 16 kms SW of Mailaduthurai, on the banks of River Cauvery. The main Raja gopuram is of five storey and three prakarams inside.

    Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Arul Migu Gomuktheeswarar and his consort known as OPilA Ammai. Sthala vruksham is Palm tree. Teertham is Gomukhi teertham.

    Purana says Uma Devi worshipped Lord Siva in this place in the form of a cow. She was blessed by Lord Siva and she turned into her original form, and took her in him.

    Importance: Devas and Muni’s requested Lord Siva, to bless them by performing his Siva Thandavam, in which they were interested. Lord Siva fulfilled their wish here under the Sthala Vruksham. Muni’s and Brahma got their Upadesam of Siva Gyanam in this place.
    Chittars were granted Athama Siddhi.

    According to Sthala Puranam, Thiru Moolar composed 3000 hymns known as "Thiru Mandiram" in this place.

    Thiru Gyana sambandhar, Sundarar, and Thiru Navukkarasar sang hymns on Lord Siva of this place.

    The temple is under Thiru Kailaya Thiruvavaduthurai Adeenam. The building of Adeenam is adjacent to the temple.

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Thiruvavaduthurai temple sthala virutcham is "Padar Arasu(tamil" not "Palm Tree"......

June 18, 2013 at 4:00 AM

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