Thiru Kaziseerma Vinnagaram  

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  1. Thiru Kaziseerama Vinnagaram:

    The temple is one of 108 Divya Desam temples.

    The place is about 21 kms NE of Mailaduthurai, also known as Paadaleeka vanam, between Kollidam and Uppanaru.

    The temple has a Raja Gopuram of three storeys with two prakarams. There is a Maha mandapam, Artha Mandapam and Main sanctum for the temple.

    Main Deity is known as Thadalan in standing posture, and his consort Sri Lokanayaki Thayar in separate sanctum. Urchavar is known as Thiruvikraman and Thayar Mattarizh Kuzali.

    We see other deities like Andal, Ramar, Krishnan, 12 Azwars and Garuda in a small sanctum.  Teertham is Sanga Pushkarani and Chakkra teertham.

    Bramanda Purana says Romesa Muni had darshan [pratyaksham} of Lord Vishnu here as Trivikraman, lifting up his left leg high. Brahama was proud about his life span. In this place Romesa muni told Brahma, his life span is equal to a hair falling from his body. On hearing Romesa muni’s word Brahma felt ashamed for being proud about his life.

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