Thiru Kurukkai temple.  

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  1. Kurukkai:

    This is one of 275 Siva Devara sthalam and one of Attaveeratta Sthalam.
    The place is about 8 kms NW of Mailaduthurai, on the banks of River Kollidam.
    The main Raja Gopuram of this temple is of five storey and two prakarams.

    Main Deity is Swayambu Lingm known as Arul Migu Veeratteswarar, facing west and his consort, Gyanambakai Amman facing south side. Sthala Vinayakar is known as Kurukkai Vinayakar seen in separate sanctum to outer prakaram. The hands of Vinayakar are small in size. Sthala vruksham is known as Kadukkai tree. Teertham is soola teertham in front of the temple.

    The place is known as Kaduvanam, due to sthala Vruksham Kadukkai. Lord Siva was alone here in Yoga Dyanam and the place is known as Yogeesa puram. Manmada vadham took place here and the place is known as Kamadhana puram.

    Purana : Muni Deeryavagu came to this place and he extended his hands to collect Ganga water for, Abishekam purpose to Lord Siva. At this point his hands became short and the place was called as Kurukkai.

    This is one of eight Veeratta Sthalam of Lord Siva. This was the place were Kama Dahanam happened, in which Kaman (Manmadhan) was turned into ashes, by Lord Siva.

    On the top of Main sanctum of Lord Siva, we see sculptures of Lord Siva as Yogeeswarar, Poorani Ammai, Manmadhan and Rathi. This is known as Kamanaganasini sabha.

    As we go around we see Sthala vruksham at the back of the temple. Here under the sthala vruksham we see small nandi, in a small mandapam, facing Lord Siva. This is something unique in this place.

    Navukkarasar sang hymns on Lord Siva of this place. Vidwan Meenkshi Sundaram has written sthala puranam in poetic form.

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