Thiru Meeyachoor Temple.  

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  1. Thiru Meeyachoor: Lalitha Parmeswari.

    The place is about two kms from Peralam. There are two Deities which are considered as two different Devara Sthalam. One is known as Thiru Meeyachoor and the other is Thiru Meeyachoor Elang koil. The temple is big one, with five storeys Raja Gopuram and two prakarams.

    Main deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Meganadhar and his consort known as Soundara Nayaki Amman/ Lalitha Parameswari in separate sanctum. Teertham is Soorya Pushkarani. Sthala Vruksham is Vilwam.

    The purana says Sooryan worshipped, Lord Siva with his consort residing on elephant. The main sanctum Vimanam is like the back of Elephant. This is known as Gajaprishta Vimanam. Soorya worships Lord Siva of this place in the second week of May every year. Other deities, seen in the temple are Vinayakar, Murugan with bow, Pancha Boodha Lingam, Ashta dikbalars, Saptha madhar, and Kalyana sundrar.

    Kshetra puraneswarar is seen as Koshta devatai. We see Ambal and Lord Siva together with Lord Siva’s hand holding Ambals Chin. The Ambal face in this sculpture is carved in such a way if we see it from right side it looks, as though she is angry and from left it appears as smiling face.

    We see Chandra Shekarar, Rishabarudr, Bairavar and Durgai with a peacock in her hand. They have kept a board which says any wish presented in front of Durgai will be reported to Lord Siva and it is fulfilled. It says parrot is the media of transporting our prayers at Durgai, to Lord Siva.

    Lalitha parameswari is seen in different sanctum. The sanctum is so peaceful and we loose ourselves in front of Lalitha Devi. This is the sanctum were Lalitha sahasranam was recited first. They say everyday they were a new anklet (Golusu) for Ambal here. They have written Lalitha sahasranam to wall in side the sanctum.

    Chandran, Agni and Yama worshipped Lord Siva of this temple. Sambandhar sang hymns on Lord Siva (Megandhar) here.
  2. Meeachoor Elang koil:

    Elang koil means the deity is shifted to another place before the temple is renovated.
    It is also known as Balalayam. This is to north side of Meeyachoor main sanctum

    As we go around the temple we see Arulmigu Sakala Bhuneswarar and his consort Mekalambal. This deity is for the second Devara sthalam of Meeyachoor Elang Koil.

    Appar sang hymns on Lord Siva of this place.

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