Chidambaram Temple, Cuddlore District.  

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Chidambaram Temple:    Cuddlore District.

The place Chidambaram / Thillai is about 44 kms from Cuddlore. This is One of the Nadu Nadu Devara sthalam, and one of the Pancha Boodha Sthalam which denotes Space/ Akashya.

Raja Gopuram is of seven tiers. There are four prakaram in the temple.

Sthala Vruksham is Thillai Maram. Once the place was dense with Thillai tree and hence the name was Thillai. Now we do not find these trees here. There is a Thillai tree, made of stone seen in west prakaram of Thiru moolattanaar sanctum

Teertaham is Siva Gangai, Anantha teertham, Brahma teertham, Vyaghyapadhar teertham, and Thiru parkadal.

Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Arulmigu Thiru Moolattaneswarar and his consort known as Sivakami Amman in Seperate temple with two prakaram near the tank.

To inner prakaram we see sanctums of Polla Pillyar, Murugan, Kala Biravar, Spatika Lingam, Maragadha Lingam, Sundaresar, Durgai, Govinda rajar, Navagraham,

Greatness of the temple: Natarajar in Thillai is more important. Thandavam here known as Ananda Thandavam. Next to him a there is a small sanctum which is covered by screen. During Aarathi time they remove the screen where we see only a Thiruvasi to which a garland of golden Vilva is hung. This denotes God is in the form of space (Akasha) which has neither the end nor the beginning. This is what known as “Chidambara Rahasyam”

King Chola and Nambiandaar Nambi worshipped Pollaa pillayar of Thiru Narayoor. They were blessed by Pillayar and came to know the place as Thillai, where Hymns sung and signed by Sundarar, Thiru Navukkuarasar and Thiru Gyana Sambandhar were collected and kept.  When they searched in that place they found Hymns were fully covered by Puttru (mud). Many of them were damaged and rest they preserved carefully.

Govinda Raja perumaal sannidhi is near Natarajar Sannidhi. There is a separate dwajasthambam for perumal temple. Govinda raja perumal is one 108  Divya Desa perumal. In front of the perumal if we stand on the platform we can darshan of Perumal, Natarajar and Lord Brahma.

Periya puranam of Sekzhiar was inaugurated in thousand pillar mandapam of this temple

Nanadnar a staunch devotee of Lord Siva wanted to visit the temple. Nandanar was a dalit farm worker. His master (upper class) denied grant him leave, since he was not entitled the previlage of worship.  Nandanar did not leave his hope. Finally one day when he came to Chidambaram he was not allowed to enter inside the Temple.  He tried to get the glimpse of Lord Siva from the entrance. Since Nandi was in front of Lord Siva, he was not able to view Him. Lord Siva was happy with his devotion and Nandi was asked to move to a side, for Nandanar to have darshan. Nandanar attained salvation here and he merged with Lord Siva.

There are Five Sabhas in the temple namely Chittrambalam, Ponnambalam, Perambalam, Nirudha Sabha and Rajtha Sabha. 

Sages Patanjali and Vyagyapadar were blessed to view the dance of Lord Siva in Kailas. They were happy and they wanted people on earth also to be blessed like this. They penanced for this purpose to Adhimoolar. Lord was happy with their selfless penance and responded. Lord Siva along with 3000 sages came to this place and performed Dance Darshan in the month of Thai (Jan-Feb) at 12 AM. on Poosa Nakshtra. These 3000 sages then came to known as Thillai Moovayiravar.

It is said there is a similarity in the design of Natarajar sanctum and human body.

Nataraja shrine has 21,600 golden tiles engraved with NAMASHIVA Mantram which is equal to number of times one breathes each day. There are 72,000 nails used which represent the nerves of human body. The 9 entrances represent the 9 conveniences in the body which activate our movements. The five steps denote NA Ma SHI VA YA Mantra. There are 64 wodden supports which represent 64 arts. There are 96 windows which refer to 96 philosophies. The 16 pillars denote Pancha Boodham, 6 Sastras and 4 Vedas.

Thiru Gyana Sambandhar, Sundrar and Thiru Navukarasar sang Hymns on Lord Siva. Arunagiri Nadhar sang Thirupugazh on Murugan.

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