Teerthana Giri, Arulmigu Siva Kozhundeeswarar Temple, Cuddlore..  

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Teerthana Giri:    Arulmigu Siva Kozhundeeswarar.

This temple is one of the Nadu Nadu Devara Sthalams. The temple is about 18 kms from Cuddlore on the bank of River Pennai.

Main Raja Gopuram is of three tiers.

Dwajasthambam is seen in front of the temple.

Pushkarani here in the temple is known as Jambuva Thadagam. A sage was cursed to become a Bear which bathed in this tank and got blessed. Hence the name for pushkarani is Jambuva Thadagam.

Sthala Vruksham is Kondrai Tree. Lord was given food under the tree. We see a Siva Lingam under the tree.

As we go around the prakaram we see Nardhana Vinayakar and other sculptures to either side.
Four Boodha Ganas are seen worshipping Vinayakar.

Sculptures related to Sthala puranam.  


Lord Dakshina Moorthy is seen sitting on a peetam with his legs folded. Four of his disciples are seen sitting near him. Muyalagan is missing.  Lingothbavar is seen at the back of Lord Siva sanctum, Goddess Durgai is seen to the other side of the wall.

Main Deity in the temple is Swayambu Lingam known as Arulmigu Sivakozhundu Eswarar and his consort known as Oppila Nayaki Amman in seperate sanctum. She is also known as Karuthadang kanni and Neeladhambikai. Sun rays fall on Lord Siva on 20,21 and 22 of Panguni Month.(march- April)

Lord Nataraja is seen in separate sanctum with Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. This is something rare form. Here Lord Vishnu is seen with his counch and Lord Brahma with Mridhangam. Lord Siva is performing Ananda Thandavam to which Lord Vishnu is singing with is counch and Lord Brahma is playing Mridhangam. Darshan of Lord here is considered beneficial for who aspire for excellance in Music and Dance.

Here crop known as Thinai was cultivated in those days and it was used as Nevaidham for Lord Siva. Hence the place was known as Thiru Thinai. Now the crop is not grown and the practice is discontinued.

Lord Chandikeswara is seen with his consort in this temple.

Sthala Purana says a farmer couple who lived in this village had the habit of taking food only after feeding a Siva Devotee. One day farmer couple did not find any Devotee since Lord Siva tested their faith. At last they went to their field to feed workers who were also missing there. They waited for their return. An old man came there and they requested him to have food. Old man replied he will not accept food as free. He wanted do some work and accept food as wage. Couple asked him to plough the field and accept food. In the meantime they went home to fetch food for old man. When they returned they saw the crop was grown and ready for harvest.

They served the food for the old man under the Kondrai tree and asked him how he was able to do so fast. Old man after eating disappeared. Lord appeared and and told them he came here in disguise as old man. They worshipped and asked him to stay back in the place to bless them. Lord Siva stayed back as Swayambu Lingam in this place as Sivakozhundeeswarar.

Sundarar sang Hymns on Lord Siva of this place.

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