Thirupathiripulioore Padaleeswarar Temple. Cuddalore.  

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Thirupathiripulioor: Padaleeswarar temple.

This is one of Nadu Nadu Devara Sthalam. The place is about 20 kms from Pondicherry. The place is also known as Kudaloore, Patalapuram, Padiripulioor and Vadapulioor.

The main Gopuram of the Temple is of five tiers, with three prakarams.

As we enter we see Dwajasthambam and Nandi.

Main Deity of the temple is Swayambu Siva lingam known as Arulmigu Padaleeswarar and his consort known as Periyaa Nayaki Amman

Periyaa Nayaki Amman is seen in separate temple with two prakarams in the same premises. There is a separate dwajasthambam and mandapam.



Dakshina Moorthy



Pillars with beautiful sculptures are seen in the Mandapam.

 Vinayakar is known as Sonnavarti Vinayakar here. We see Lord Murugan, Durgai, and other parivara Deivangal.

Teertham: Brahma Teertham in the form of ocean, Kedila River, River Thenpennai, and Sivakara Teertham in the form of well.  

Sthala Vruksham is Padiri Tree. “Vagyapadha Muni” worshiped “Lord Siva” of this Temple hence the name Padripulioor.

Sthala puranam says “Goddess Uma Devi” penances under the sthala Vruksham Padri Tree as “Lord Siva” guided her. She was blessed by “Lord Siva” who married her.

During the period of “King Mahendravarman” (600-630) “Thiru Navukkarasar” was tied to a stone and thrown into Ocean. “Appar” praised “Lord Siva” and composed Hymns on him. “Lord Siva” was pleased with his prayers and the stone started floating like a boat and “Appar” reached the shore safely. Even now the place, where he landed on shore is known as “Karayeravitta Kuppam” is there as witness.

Pulikkaal Munivar

Son of “Madiyanta Muni” worshipped “Lord Siva” of this place. He requested “Lord Siva” to bless him legs and hands like Tiger, to climb the Padri tree. There after he was known as “Pulikkaal Munivar”.   

“Gyana Sambandhar” addressed “Thiru Navukkarasar” as “Appar” for first time in this place.
“Arunagiri Nadhar” worshipped and sang “Thirupugazh on Lord Murugan” of this place.
‘Thiru Gyan Sambandhar” and “Thiru Navukkarasar” sang Hymns on “Lord Padaleeswarar.”

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