Thillai Kali Temple, Chidambaram, Cuddlore District.  

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Thillai Kali:    The temple is in Chidambaram, Cuddlore District.

The temple is to the border of Chidambaram which is also known as Ellai Kali.
Thillai Kali is facing east and her appearance seems to be furious.

Thillai Amman is also praised as Chamundeeswari in standing posture facing east.

Sthala purana says once Goddess Parvathy and Lord Siva claimed themselves to be powerful. Goddess was furious and tried to establish her power to be superior. Lord Siva got angry and he cursed her to become Ugra Kali. Sakthi cooled down and asked for a remedy to this. Lord said, shortly Demons will do atrocities and trouble Devas and Mankind. At that point you will come down to the place Chidambaram and penance on "Him". At that time "He" (Lord Siva) will be in Chidambaram to grace Vyagyapadhar and Patanjali muni by his Aanandha Thandavam. You will be blessed and join me as Sivakami Ammai.

Once Kali Matha and Lord Siva had Dance contest. Lord Siva after dancing for long time equally with Kali, and finally "He" did Ugra Thandavam by raising his leg upward. Kali being a woman could not do this, and "She" was furious. Lord Brahma appeared there and praised her as Veda Nayaki and begged her to cool down. Kali here gave darshan to Lord Brahma with four faces, representing four Vedas and she is known as Brahma Chamundeeswari. There is an idol installed separately in this form in the temple

Mother Kali is seen in separate sanctum with four faces. As Lord Dakshina Murthy she is in feminine form and known as Kadambavana Dakshina Rupini. She blesses mankind in the form of Maha Saraswathy as Veena Vidyambica.

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