Kari Krishnar temple, ponneri, Chennai.  

Posted by Shamala Krishnan

  1. Thiru Ayarpadi:

    The place is 33 kms from Chennai to Gummidipoondy, alight at ponneri. The temple is in 1km distance from here on the banks of Arani River.

    Main Deity is Swayambu Krishnan known as Karrikannan and Goddess Soundaravalli thayar.

    King Karikala chola constructed the temple for Krishna hence the name Karikrishnar. Sthala Vruksham is Magiza maram.

    Importance: Once Baradwaja muni was meditating under the tree and he had darshan of Lord in the form of snake pit, and lot of milk was poured to remove the mud. Even before the mud was washed they tried to remove the mud by hands.

    Here Krishna is standing in slanting posture with milk pot on his head and a stick in his hand like a cow boy. There is no adhara peetam for Krishna here. Another unusual sight seen here is, Thayar in standing posture. We see 16 pillars mandapam outside the temple in which the pillars are slanting which are unique.

    Other deities in the temple Kodhanda Ramar, Azwar, Andal, Ramanajur, and Manavala mamuni.

  2. Agastheeswarar Temple:

    Siva temple constructed during Raja raja chola period.
    Location: Ponneri, Harihara bazzar street.

    Main deity is Siva Lingam known as Agasteeswarar and his consort, Ananda valli Thayar.

    Importance: Agastiyar worshipped Siva in this place. Agastiyar met Baradwaja muni in his ashram and they wanted to remove the saiva vaishnava dispute which was prevailing at that time.

    They both decided that every year on full moon day of chitra month deities, Siva and Kari Krishnar meet and exchange their garland to prove that they both are one and the same. This may bring unity among Shiva and Vishnu.

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