Veda Narayan Perumal and Nemili. Ttemple of North Chennai  

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This time our trip was to visit temples around north of Chennai. It was three day trip. As usual we were not able to cover all places according to our plan. I am happy to share my visit with every one, in my few posts.

  1. Veda Narayana Perumal Temple

    The place is 25 Kms from Tirutani.

    Main Deity is Veda Narayana Perumal in standing posture.

    Importance: Only temple for Machya avatharam. There is no padadarshan of the deity here, because the leg is under the ground. We see Hanuman, Lakshmi Hayagreevar, and Kodhanda Ramar sannidhi in a row in the mandapam outside the main sanctum. The other end of the mandapam we see Hanuman in separate sanctum.

  2. Nemili: Vishnu temple.

    The place is about 11 Kms from Tirutani to Nagalapuram.

    Main Deity is Vaikunda perumal in sitting posture.

    Importance: Vaikunda perumal holding paddy in his left hand. When they perform pooja in large scale they say we can see the main deity sweating. One can worship and do pooja here to get suitable alliance.

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