Suruttapalli, Siva Temple.  

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  1. Suruttapalli: Siva tmple.

    This place is a village to Andhra and Tamilnadu border. The temple is on highway and easy to approach.

    Main Deity is Pallikondeeswarar and his consort known as Sarvamangala devi.

    Sthala purana : When the ocean was churned with the help of vasuki snake as a rope by Devas and Asuras lot of things came up. Due to pain the vasuki started emitting poison known as kalam and poison from the ocean that came up was known as aalam.

    Due to the request of Devas and Asuras both Aalam and kalam was made as a ball and swallowed by Lord Siva. At that time Bhuneswari caught hold of Siva’s throat to stop the poison. Hence Siva is also known as Vishabakara moorthy, Neelakandar, Kalakandan, Nanjundeswarar and Ambal as Amudhambikai.

    Siva gave the nectar to Devas and was going back to his place Kailas. On his way he felt tired and rested his head on the lap of Bhuneswari known as Sarvamangala devi at a place known as Suruttapalli.

    Importance: Here we Siva in lying posture which is unique and the idol are about 18’in length. We see Brugu maharashi, Brahma, Mahavishnu, Markendeya, Naradha, Chandra, Surya, Kubera, Agastiyar, Gowthamar, Thumburar, Vasishtar, Viswamitrar, Valmeeki, Indra, Ganesha, Subramanya with Valli and Devasena.

    We see goddess Maragadambikai in separate sanctum. Out side the sanctum we see Sanganidhi and Padumanidhi with their wife Vasundara and Vasumathi. Inside the sanctum of Maragadambikai we see Kalpa vruksham and Kamadenu to either side.

    As we go around the Amman sanctum we come across Jwarahara moorthy (Siva with three heads, three legs, and three hands and with Agni in one of his hand) and Ekapadha moorthy (Brahma on Hamsa, Siva on Nandi and Vishnu on Garuda in one stone with single leg.) Saptha madhar, Raja Mathangi, Chandikeeswarar and Nandhi are also there within sanctum.

    Here in separate small sanctum we see swayambu linga known as Ramalingeswarar. The linga is in trikona dimension and was worshipped by Valmiki. Most of the dities present in the temple are with their consorts. Pallikondeeswarar and Swarvamangalambikai, Valmekeswarar and Maragadhambikai, Kubera and Gowri.

    Dakshina moorthy is seen holding Gowri on his lap to left side, is known as Dampdhya Dakshina moorthy, which we find only in this place. We see the complete family of Rama with his brothers and Hanuman. We see small foot prints which they say it is lava kashas. Sastha with Poorna Pushkala is seen here.

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