Thiruvotriyoor temple, Chennai.  

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  1. Thiruvotriyoor

    This temple is one of the 275 important Siva Devara sthalams. The temple is 1500 years old. The place is about 18 kms from Chennai. Teertham is known as Brahma and kasi teertham. SthalaVruksham is Atthi and Magizha maram.

    Main Deity is Swayambu lingam known as Adi pureeswarar, / Thyagarajar and his consort known as Vadivudai amman in separate sanctum.

    Importance: The Swayambu lingam is teenda thirumeni and it is in the form of snake pit. Siva is known as putridangkondar, / Thyagarajar, and Adipureeswarar. Durga devi here is known as Vattaparai amman.

    The other deities areJaganadhar, Sundarar, Sahasralingam Amirtha kandeswarar, Nakshtra lingam, Annamaliyar, Jambukeswarar, Nagalingar, Meenakshi Sundaraswarar, and Bairavar are important.

    One can have the darshan of the main deity in the form of pit on karthagai pournami of every year for two days. Brahma and Vishnu worshipped here.

    Appar, Sundar Sambandhar sang hymns on Siva of this place. Arunagirinadhar sang on Subramanya swamy. There are 27 lingams in a row representing each star.

  2. Vada guru sthalam: Dakshina moorthy.

    The temple is near Thiruvotrioour.

    Main Deity isYoga Dakshina moorty of 10’ height.

    Importance : Dakshina moorthy facing to north side which is unusual. Muyalagan under leg is also facing inside which is different. We see Pancha mukha Ganapathy of 6’height on Lion as his vahana.
  3. Agasteeswarar Temple: Siva temple.

    The temple is in the same street of Vadivudaiamman temple and next to Vada guru nadhar temple.

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