Siruvapuri and Periyapalayam temples.  

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  1. Chinnambedu / siruva puri:

    The place is 10 kms west to Ponneri.

    Main Deity is Swayamubu lingam known as Agasteeswarar and his consort Unnamalai amman.

    Importance: The peacock near he subramanya swamy in the main sanctum is of emerald stone. Utsava vigraha of Sundarar is a beautiful piece in this temple.

    Lava and Kusha fought with Sri Rama, without knowing, he is their father in this place. The place is known as Siruvar puri and over a period it has changed to siruva puri.

  2. Periyapalayam: Bhavani amman.

    The place is about 20 kms from Thiruvallore.

    Purana says when king Kamsa heard, Devaki is bestowed with child, he came to the jail and as usual, and he took the child from them to kill the new born. At that time child announced that she is only maya and Lord Krishna is in some other place. After wards she moved from the place and she resided at periya palayam. The main deity is only unto chest with sankam, chakkra, knife, and amrita kalasam in her hands.

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