Bagamandala, Coorg.  

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Our next place of visit was to Bagamandala, which is about 40 Kms from Madikere.

The place Bagamandala is situated at the confluence of two Rivers, Cauvery, and Kannika.

Here another River Sujyothi flow as antharvahini, and join the two Rivers.

Hence the place is considered as Triveni Sangamam. The place is considered auspicious to have a dip and perform rituals for their ancestors.

There is a small Siva Lingam seen here.

There is a Peepul tree, here and we see lot of Nagar installed.

There is a Siva temple here, in Bagamandala near the sangamam. Lord Siva is known as Sri Bhagandeshwara. The temple was established by a Rishi known as Bagamandala.

We have to climb few steps to reach the main entrance of the Temple. There is a Raja Gopuram of three tiers for the temple. The temple is constructed in Kerala style.

Main deity is Lord Siva in Lingam form known as Bhagandeshwara. There are separate sanctums for Ganapathy, Ambaal, Mahavishnu and Subramanya. Here Subramanya Swamy is Swayambu Moorthy. In front of Lord Subramanya there is a mandapam with wodden carvings relating story of Subramanya

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