Kamyavanam, Mathura.  

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The place Kamyavanam is about 75 Kms from Brindavan. It is in Rajasthan border. There are about 12 forest of which Kamyavanam is one. Gopika’s love (Kama) Krishna, very much. Their extreme love towards Lord Krishna was considered as Bakthi. It is like the, relation between Jeevathama and Paramathama. Hence the place is known as Kamyavanam. This is another place Lord Krishna as a kid, played with his friends

  1. Vyomasuran cave :

    This place is Indrasena hill. Vyomasuran was appointed by Kamsa to kill Kannan. When Kannan and his friends were playing hide and seek game Vyomasuran, took the form of small boy and joined with them to play. While playing, Vyomasuran guided them to hide in this cave. Lord Krishna came to know about this. He fought with Vyomasuran and rescued his friends.

    Balaram in anger pressed his legs on the hill. Balaam’s footprint is seen here.

    On the top of the hill there is a small sanctum where footprints and palm is seen. It is believed to be Lord Krishna’s prints.

  2. Lukaluka kund :

    Kannan (Lord Krishna) and his friends used to play in water of this Lukaluka kund, when they go out with their cows. Once Just for fun Kannan jumped into the water and went deep inside. His friends were worried about Kannan, looking at their tension he appeared on the small hill beside, playing his flute.
    We had darshan of the kund from top of the hill.

  3. Charan Pahadi :

    This is the place where Krishna appeared from Lukaluka Kund. We have to climb about 200 steps to reach the hill top.

    Here there is a small sanctum in which we can see the foot print of Lord Krishna and near by foot print of calf.

  4. Bojan Thali Mandir:

    This is the place where we find the plate and the bowl which Kannan used.

    Here there is a sanctum for Radha Krishnar.

    After the Vyomasuran vadam Kannan had his bath in this Ksheera sagaram and had his food.

    Here we see the plate which he used.

    Here we see the bowl which he used for drinking keer.

  5. Pilasini sila:

    This place is to the other side of Indrasena hill. We have to walk bout 1.5 kms to reach this place. Here we find a small hill.

    We had to climb up the hill and then slide from that place.

    This is the place were Kannan and his friends used to slide and play in the day time when they come out with their cows to graze.

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