Temples of Brindvan, Mathura.  

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  1. Dwadasa Aditya Deela:

    Krishna was inside the water for a long time with kaliyan and he was feeling cold.
    This is the place where Lord Krishna sat and relaxed here on the small hillock after he took control of Kaliyan.

    At this place twelve Adithyar came down and requested Krishna, to permit them to worship him. Krishna agreed to their request. Sun’s heat made him sweat and started flowing down and it became a small pond known as Praskandana teertham. Here on the top we see Radha Madan Mohan Mandir.

    One has to climb steps to reach the temple.

    The temple structure looks beautiful.
    Main deity is Radha Krishnar.

  2. Radha Damodhar Temple :

    Main Deity is Radha Damodhar.

    Here within the temple from side as we go around it is leading to Adishtanam of many saints.

  3. Kopaeswarar Temple :

    This is Lord Siva temple in Brindavan.

    Main Deity is Siva lingam known as Kopaeswarar. Siva Lingam is to ground level and everyone is allowed to perform Abishekam.

    As we go around the main sanctum we seeLord Siva and Parvathy sculpture to back wall of sanctum.

    There is a separate sanctum for Annapoorani and Bairavar in the temple.

    Purana says Lord Siva wanted to see and enjoy Rasaleela of Radha and Krishna. Male members are not allowed to see this. Lord Siva dressed up like a girl and watched Rasaleela, he was too exited and Radha found it was male member. She became angry. Lord Krishna knew it was Lord Siva, and he tried to console her and make her realize it was Lord Siva.

    Lord Siva said since male members are forbidden to enter he had to come like a women to watch and enjoy the Rasaleela. Lord Krishna was pleased and he requested Lord Siva to stay in Brindavan for ever and enjoy Rasaleela.

    Here the evening Siva Lingam is decorated (alankaram) as a women.

  4. Govindaji Mndir

    Main entrance of Govindaji mndir..

    Inner hall of the temple and sanctum

  5. Iscon Temple

    Main Entrance of Iscon Temple.

    Swami Prabhu pada

    Sri Gowr Nithayee

    Lord Krishna and Balaram.

    From Temples of Brindawan

    Radha and Shyam Sundar.

    Yasodha and Nandalala

  6. Radha Krishna Temple :

    This temple of Radha Krishna is like a South Indian temple with Gopuram and Dwajasthmbam.

    View of Inner sanctum entrance.

    Garudazwar is seen near the Dwajasthambam.

    Students of Veda patasala are chanting Vedas in the temple.

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