Gokulam temples. Mathura.  

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  1. Gokulam:

    The place Gokulam is in Mahavanam.

    Gokulam is also known as Thiruvaipaadi which is one of 108 Divya Desa kshetram.

    Govardhan, Nandagramam, Brundvanam and Kamyavanm belong to Divya Desam

    Lord Krishna was brought to this place Gokulam by Vasudevar on the day he was born. He was guided by Lord to leave him in Gokulam, near Yasodha at Nandagopar’s house, who gave birth to a female child on that day. It is believed the female child is Maya sakthi. Vasudevar took the female child and went back to jail.

    It is believed Lord Krishna stayed here in this place from that day until he was five. King Kamsa attempted to kill the child many a time so, Nandagopar shifted to Nandagam with Lord Krishna.

    We see the arch of oldNandabhavan.

    Here there is a sanctum where we see Nandgopar, Balaram, Yasodha, Yoga Maya (Durgai), and

    Bala Krishna is seen in crawling posture.Since the hall is a small, they allow few members in a batch. Everyone is supposed to crawl and reach the sanctum.

    In front of these main deities, there is a cradle to which a rope is tied, and Lord Krishna is seen in it. They ask us to swing the cradle.

    As we come out from the sanctum nearby, we see Poothana sculpture with Lord Krishna to her breast, relating to Poothana vadam by Lord Krishna. She attained Moksha.

  2. Ramanreti:

    This is the place where Lord Krishna as a child, played and enjoyed his childhood days upto five years.

    Here we were asked to roll on the ground, which is the holy place where Lord Krishna rolled on the ground and played.

    There is a Radha Krishna sanctum seen with a huge hall.

    Inside the Hall there is a sanctum for Hanuman.

    Main sanctum is Radha Krishna.

    There is a small sanctum for Lord Siva and Nandi.

    In the sanctum of “Lord Siva” we see idols of Lord Ganesha, Lakshmi and Brahma.

    There is a separate sanctum for Navagraha is seen.

  3. Brahamanda Ghat:

    This place is about a kilometer distance from Nandabhavan.

    River Yamuna is flowing nearby.

    This is the place where Lord Krishna was asked to open his mouth by Yasodha Matha, and she saw the complete universe there.

    Inside we see Lord Krishna’s idol in a small mandap, and few Saligrama also.

    There is a small sanctum for Yamuna Matha here on the banks

    Another small sanctum of Lord Krishna and Balaram.

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  5. Ukal Bandhanam :

    Here we see the stone roll to which Krishna was tied with rope, by Yasodha Matha.

    Near by there is the piece of Arjuna Vruksham.Nalakuparan and Manikreevan are sons of Kuberan who are in the form of Arjuna Vruksham due to curse.

    Here we see wall pictures related to the story of Lord Krishna.

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