Nandhagam Temples, Mathura.  

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  1. Nandha Bhavan:

    Nandha Bhavan is about 50kms from Gokulam. This is the place where Krishna spent his childhood days from fifth year onwards, when Nandhagopar shifted to Nandhagam from Gokulam.

    Here on the top of a hillock there is a temple. In the sanctum we see Nandhagopar, Yasodha Matha, Balaraman, Krishna, and his friends.

    Few Paintings of inner hall sanctum.

    We see beautiful paintings, to main hall roof, related to Krishna’s Bala Leela here.

    They do parikrama here in Nandhagam. We did not do that. From top of the building we can have darshan of all the places in Nandhagam. Places we can see from here, Krishna Kund, Akrura gaman, Soorya Kund, and Yasodha Kund.

  2. Barsana :

    The place Barsana is about 10 kms from Nandhagam, also known as Bruhathsanu. Radha was born in Raval, to Sri. Vrushabanu.Barsana is the place where Radha lived.

  3. Srijee mandir :

    Krishna’s great grand son Vajranabhan installed Thayar. We see Radha Krishna idol here in the sanctum.

    The picture is from the back of temple.

    This is the painting of Srijee mandir inner main hall entrance.

    The roof of the hall is beautifully painted relating to Lord Krishna’s leela. Here photography is not allowed.

  4. Jaipur palace temple:

    The construction of the temple is in Rajasthan style. In the main sanctum, we see Radha Krishna.

  5. Moorekuteer:

    This is the place where Lord Krishna used to dress up like peacock and enjoy with Gopikas.

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