Katteel Durga Temple. Karnataka.  

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Katteel Durga

Katteel Durga is about 90 kms distance from Dharmasthala. We had to take a turn at Guruvayanakere towards Moodabidri, while traveling from Dharmathala and Mangalore highway. From here the place is about 40 kms.

The River Netravathy is flowing around the temple. The shrine is like an island on the River Netravathy.

There is an arch near the entrance.

We have to cross the River Netravathy,through a small bridge, to enter into the temple.

We see the Gopuram of main inner sanctum of Durga Parameswari.

This is the corridor leading to the sanctum.

Inside the sanctum we to southern side we see Sri Maha Ganapathy and Sastha (Iyappan).In front of Ganapathy we find steps leading us to River Netravathy. They have put grill for safety purpose.

We come to the main sanctum of Goddess Durga Parameswari in sitting posture. The distance is a bit long from were public is allowed for darshan. We had good darshan, but it was not very clear to feel the full satisfaction.

This is the picture of Durga Parameswari to wall. We had a glimpse at it and then we had darshan of Durga Parameswari in the sanctum. We had a little satisfaction after that about our drshan of Matha.

As we go around we see a sanctum which is covered to all three side wall with silver. In it we see a picture of Durga Parameswari in gold sheet framed and hanged to wall.

To side walls we see pictures of Geethopadesam.

We see Kshetrapalakar to south west side within the temple. Beside it Naga Devata is seen.

As we come out this is the main entrance door covered with silver sheet.

Front view of the main temple.

Few yards away Nagaraja is seen on a platform.

Sthala Purana:

When Durga parameswari slew Sumba and Nisumba,  Arunasuran, a rakshas ran out of the battle field and became the leader for Rakshas .Arunasura meditated and acquired boon from Lord Brahma. With this grant he lost fear of death.   Goddess Saraswathy blessed with Gayatri Mantra. He started troubling Sages; Rishi’s when they were doing Yaga. There was no rain and the people had to suffer out of draught condition. 

Looking at the draught condition Japali Maharishi decided to perform Yagna to please Devas. He approached Devandran and requested him to send Kamadenu with him to perform the Yagna. Since Kamadenu was not available at that moment he agreed to give Nandini the daughter of Kamadenu.

Japali Maharishi requested Nandini to come with him. Nandini was not happy with people living on earth and refused to come with him. When Japali Maharishi knew that she was very firm in her decision, he cursed her to flow as a River on Earth. She realized her mistake and prayed for his mercy. Maharishi asked her to pray to Goddess to get free from the curse.

Nandini meditated to Goddess Adi Sakthi. She was pleased with Nandini and asked her to flow as a River and in due course she will be born as daughter to her. She will be purified from the curse of Japali Maharishi She was happy with the assurance Adi Sakthi gave, and emerged from Kanakagiri and started flowing down as River.

Arunasura defeated Devas, who inturn pleaded Adi Sakthi to resque them. She says unless he stops chanting Gayatri Mantra he will not be put into trouble and no one can defeat him. She asked them to send Brahaspathy to distract his meditation from chanting Gayatri Mantra. Brahaspathy flattered him and was able to distract him from chanting Gayatri Mantra.

Goddess appeared as beautiful teenage girl. Arunasura went near her, then she reminde him, about the defeat of Sumba, Nisumban and how he ran away from the battle field. Arunasura got angry and tried to kill her with his sword. Goddess turned into a stone. His sword hit the stone, stream of bees emerged from the stone. He was surrounded by the bees and stung to death.

After entering from the main entrance we see a big rock to left. This rock is known a Rakteswari.

Maharishi Japali performed abisheka with tender coconut water here and requested Bramarambika (Queen of Bees) to bless mankind. Durga Matha appeared in her “Sowmya Roopam “ in the middle of the River. Temple is constructed in the same place.

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